The Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) token presale is now live


Both the Cardano and Solana coins are up 17% and 15%, respectively, in the past seven days. While these coins have dropped in the past, the steady trend of growth for the past week makes it seem as if these coins are headed towards bigger things and a higher spot in terms of value! 

Another project Orbeon Protocol is also showing strength, with the Orbeon Protocol token surging. Let’s take a look at the news on all these coins!

The Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) token presale is now live, starting at a price of $0.0004 and is already rising. Experts are predicting it could hit $0.24.


Cardano, Solana Showing Signs of Real Recovery

Both the Cardano coin as well as the Solana coin are showing huge signs of recovery and success. While Cardano had a series of massive drops for the past few months that seemed to show the coin had low value, recent growth may be turning that three-month trend around. Cardano has grown 17% in the past seven days and seems to be trending toward future growth. The current price per coin of Cardano is about $0.41.

Meanwhile, Solana is also doing far better than it was, averaging much better than earlier in October. Solana is seeing serious sustained growth for the first time in a year when it crashed last year back in December. While Solana will likely not return to its heyday prices when it was over $200 a coin, we could see more Solana in the future if the coin continues growing and surging. Solana has not seen 15% of growth in a week for quite some time, so keep an eye out for Solana and Orbeon Protocol which is skyrocketing and the presale has only just launched.

$ORBN Surging, Orbeon Protocol Presale a Success

The Orbeon Protocol project is poised to be a complete success, with huge sales of the Orbeon token being the cause of its sudden surge in price. This success wasn’t unpredicted, many experts and analysts had made it clear that they expected Orbeon Protocol to grow in price by up to 6000% while in its Phase 1 Presale. 

Orbeon Protocol is revolutionizing the Venture Capital and Crowdfunding industry allowing everyday people to invest in the world’s most promising startups from as little as $1 through fractional NFTs

Orbeon has grown exponentially during its presale and is continuing to blow up and skyrocket as the price surges. If you’re interested, now is the best time to invest in Orbeon – while the token is still affordable at $0.004. 

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