The new Metaverse for Modern Muslims

The internet has kept evolving since its inception. The world has progressed from email being the finest thing that ever occurred to email being the worst thing that ever happened. Then the discussion of social media, smartphones, virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence came into play. However, all of these versions of the internet may not have been as large as the metaverse is anticipated to be. Metaverse is poised to become the internet’s next great thing. It will be a one-of-a-kind experience propelled by the power of blockchain solutions like crypto and NFTs.

For those who are unfamiliar, the metaverse is a 3D digital world concept. It consists of virtual spaces that you can explore using an avatar you create. And, to offer an immersive metaverse virtual experience, tech companies are incorporating cutting-edge technologies to power the 3D world’s development. The enthusiasm and innovation around the metaverse are so high that billions of dollars are being poured in by one of the world’s top investors. Although it’s a technological breakthrough, it has also made its way into people’s cultures and hearts.

And, MetaKawn is one of the projects enriching the culture and hearts of people by entering the metaverse market with a fresh and new idea to empower modern muslim creators in gaining experience with NFTs and the metaverse. Ultimately, the platform aims to benefit everyone and anyone who shares Islamic social ethics.

MetaKawn: Powering Content Creators with NFTs

MetaKawn is a new blockchain project that combines Islamic social norms with the crypto world to generate more equitable and transparent possibilities for the community’s creators, artists, designers..etc. MetaKawn is developing an NFT and metaverse platform to assist creators in reaching new heights in their creative careers. 

It is making its debut with the MetaKawn Huffaz Club, a collection of 6.348 avatars that will represent a generation of modern muslims from all over the world, reflecting gender equality, multiethnicity and style diversity.

The MetaKawn Huffaz Club will maintain the narrative of the Huffaz (Guardians of values), and will help to preserve the Quran in the blockchain. Similarly, it is establishing the Huffaz Creator DAO, which will bring together ambassadors and creators to make collective decisions on MetaKawn’s growth. The main aim is to build the first Metaverse for modern muslims, sharing the same values in a fair EcoSystem. 

MetaKawn intends to bridge the gap between muslim content creators in every field including fashion, sports, health, religion, education, art and design, music, and family, while also benefiting their fans. It is creating a direct monetization relationship with the end-user, and having minimal extractive platform rate. Also, it’s giving creators the option to create collective bundles where those with a large audience can boost emerging ones.

The platform is supporting Muslim creators with the help of blockchain through a decentralized content management system where the content is not exploited by any central entity. Even storage of the content will be on the blockchain, ensuring a high level of security and privacy for the creators. Moreover, its inclusion of an exclusive domain name system for the content creators is an added advantage.  

The Most decentralized and Utility Driven Project 

MetaKawn intends to function in the most decentralized manner possible in terms of providing ownership of the platform’s growth. Ownership here confers both economic and governance rights, meaning that creators and users decide on product strategy, leadership, and what to do with profits. This demonstrates the decentralized approach to creators’ rights in order to give them all of the benefits of a decentralized creative industry.

Adding to its decentralized structure, the platform also plans for utilities for its MetaKawn Huffaz Club. The use cases will revolve around access to exclusive experiences, online and offline which can include events with celebrities (athletes, creators..), premium content, etc. Even ownership comes with access to special fan communities. Most importantly, the implementation of the governance club where members can vote on brand decisions has input on which causes and creators are supported by the Kawn Fund.

A Move Towards Connecting Communities

The metaverse is seen as the next frontier for brands operating online. Marketers, businesses, and creators have begun to prepare. It is the right time to engage this new world while still advancing Islamic culture. There is still a lot of uncharted territory in the present growing metaverse landscape for content creators, and anybody seeking new innovative ways to evolve, and platforms like MetaKawn are just making this a reality. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.