Review – Is Cointraffic the Top Choice for Cryptocurrency Ads

Cointraffic is a globally recognized advertising network for cryptocurrency and blockchain. Based in Estonia, the company has a wide range of crypto projects and publishers that use its services.

Both small and large publishers highly regard Cointraffic’s ad network, which is an effective means of generating revenue for crypto news and blog sites.

The optimized ads that are distributed through the network, along with its crypto press release distribution service, provide benefits to both advertisers and publishers.

Expectations regarding Cointraffic

CPM (cost-per-mile) advertising is used to maximize banner impressions. As a result, publishers who host the advertisements earn a sufficient amount per thousand impressions, with earnings increasing as the advertisement receives more views.

There are various ad models available for advertisers to choose from.

  • Slide banner advertisements – desktop and mobile
  • In-page banner ads – desktop and mobile
  • Sticky footer advertisements – desktop and mobile
  • Local ads – desktop and mobile
  • Notification – desktop and mobile
  • Pop-unders – desktop and mobile
  • Service for distributing press releases and the sponsored content

Each alternative has distinctive characteristics that increase the visibility of an advertising campaign.

The Cointraffic platform enables marketers to track ad performance and make adjustments as necessary. Every ad format provides precise information about impressions, allowing for more refined campaigns and advertising strategies.

Advertisers are assigned a campaign manager who will assist them in optimizing or modifying their campaigns.

Three steps are required to establish a campaign using the native self-service tool. After review, the campaign will instantly commence.

In addition, the ad network employs anti-fraud technology to ensure that spam and other malicious traffic are effectively eliminated.

Choosing partner sites with care

The team at Cointraffic takes pride in ensuring that each advertising campaign receives high-quality traffic. To do this, the team carefully selects partner crypto sites.

Key needs include a professional and trustworthy website with constantly updated, high-quality content.

Websites unrelated to cryptocurrencies or the blockchain are not allowed. Yet, this is essential in ensuring that advertising initiatives reach their intended demographic.

A reputation and track record of excellence

Cointraffic has partnered and connected with over 400 publishers, like CoinMarketCap, Whattomine, The Daily Hodl,, and over 1,000 clients, like KuCoin OKX, BitStarz, Bitcasino and others.

Also, since it started, Cointraffic has run more than 5,700 campaigns, proving that it is the leader in its field.

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