KuCoin Token Price Prediction 2023-2030: Will KCS Price Hit $10.5 Soon?

  • KuCoin also known as the “The People’s exchange was founded by Michael Gan and Eric Don.
  • If the bulls dominate the market KCS could reach $10.5 in the near future. 
  • 2024 could skyrocket KCS to $12.5 with the impending Bitcoin halving.

What is KuCoin (KCS)?

Kucoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in 2017. KuCoin, also known as “The people’s exchange” was founded by Michael Gan and Eric Don. Michael Gan, a tech geek, started coding at 8 and founded his first startup at 16. Upon hearing about Bitcoin from his boss Eric, the prodigy tried to sell some BTC on Mt. Gox, a bitcoin exchange.

Nonetheless, he found it difficult for beginners to navigate the platform. Additionally, Eric and Gan saw that the adoption of blockchain seeped into the financial system which would not only serve the rich but also all others including the less educated, unemployed, and unbanked. This got them thinking about developing a platform that would benefit people from all walks of life.

As such, by the end of 2013, they wrote the first pieces of KuCoin’s code in a cafe, starting a People’s Exchange that would allow all to get involved with crypto.

Currently, KuCoin has grown into one of the most popular crypto exchanges and already has over 27 million registered users across 207 countries and regions around the world. With its operational headquarter in Seychelles, it provides users with 24/7 multi-language customer services. Meanwhile, KuCoin established 23 local communities in Europe, Southeast Asia, and other regions providing users with highly localized services.

As the home of crypto gems,  KuCoin has supported over 750 projects with 1,300+ trading pairs. A number of projects like BLOK, CHMB, VR, KMA, and DAO had their primary listing on KuCoin.

Moreover, in 2022, KuCoin raised over $150 million in investments through a pre-Series B round, bringing total investments to $170 million with Round A combined, at a total valuation of $10 billion.

KuCoin (KCS) Market Overview

Price Change (1h)0.64454 %
Price Change (24h)4.75905 %
Price Change (7d)4.63701 %
Market Cap$876057946
All Time High$28.83
All Time Low$0.342863
Circulating Supply97309282.4573 kcs
Total Supply144809282.457 kcs

KuCoin (KCS) Current Market Status

According to CoinMarketCap, KCS ranks 56 with a market cap of $856,762,842. The token is up by 4.64% and is priced at $8.71 at press time. For the first days of the past week, KCS was consolidating in the $8.40 – $8.60 but on the fourth day of the week, the token crashed. It plummeted from $8.45 to $7.72 within a few hours.

However, the aftermath of the plummet was followed by a surge in prices. During this surge, KCS reached a maximum price of $8.97. Thereafter, KCS took a fall again and has started gaining value once more.

KuCoin (KCS) Price Analysis 2023

Although KCS ranks 56 on CoinMarketCap’s list by market capitalization, we will need to consider how the most recent improvements, additions, and modifications will help KCS price rise. First, let’s focus on the charts in this article’s DAO price forecast.

KuCoin (KCS) Price Analysis – Bollinger Bands

As shown in the chart below, KCS fluctuated taking the pattern of a cup and handle. Currently, KCS is fluctuating within the handle, it tested the upper limit a couple of times but was unable to break it. When looking closely, KCS touched the lower Bollinger band and the prices have come back to the middle band.

The Bollinger band is an indicator that is used to measure volatility in the market. This indicator relies on two parameters: Period and Standard deviation. The period is the time frame while standard deviation measures how far the values have deviated from the mean or average. The Bollinger band has an upper band, middle band, and lower band as shown below. The logic is that the price of the digital asset is supposed to hover close to the middle line of the Bollinger band. However, on occasions that the price of the security strays too far from the middle line, either above the middle line or below then we could expect the price to fall back close to the median.

KCS/USDT 1-day Chart (Source: TradingView)

The logic behind this is based on the empirical law of standard deviation which states 95% of the time, the normal distribution of data lies within two standard deviations. The upper band is calculated by taking the middle band and adding twice the daily standard deviation to that amount. The lower band is calculated by taking the middle band and subtracting two times the daily standard deviation

In instances where the Bollinger bands widen, we could expect more volatility in the market and we could expect the prices to consolidate or move sideways when the band contract. 

KuCoin (KCS) Price Analysis – RSI Indicator

The Relative Strength Index is an indicator that is used to find out whether the price of a security is overvalued or undervalued. As per its name, RSI indicators help determine how security is doing at present, relative to its previous price. To evaluate this, RSI compares the gains of the securities against the losses it made during the past 14 days. This ratio of gains and losses is then deducted from the 100.

KCS/USDT 1Day Chart (Source: TradingView)

If the answer is less than 30, then we call that the price of the security is in the oversold region. This means that many are selling the security in the market, and as such the security is undervalued. Moreover, as per the supply-demand curve theory, the price is supposed to drop when there is an increase in supply.

If the answer is more than 70 then the security is overbought as many are buying. Since many want to buy the security the demand increases which intuitively increases the prices.

KCS’s RSI  value is at 50.45 and is directed toward the oversold region. Additionally, the RSI is almost converging with the signal line from above. If the RSI crosses the signal line then there could be a bearish market in the future.

However, since the oversold region is at 30, and the RSI is at 50.45 it would be far-fetched to make a call. But as the RSI is neither oversold nor overbought, we could say that the trend is strong.

KuCoin (KCS) Price Prediction 2023

When considering the chart below, KCS experienced a Golden Cross. The token surged drastically in price as expected from a usual Golden Cross. In fact, the price of the token dropped before it started to ascend. A Golden Cross happens when the 50-day MA (Exponential Moving Average) crosses the 200-day MA from below. An exponential moving average gives more weightage to the recent price, unlike the Simple Moving Average which undermines the recent price changes.

Although KCS has broken the trend line, it rebounded on the 200-day shown in purple and rose up. Currently, it has formed an inverted hammer, which indicates a trend reversal.  Hence, the price of KCS could reach resistance 1 at $10.5 if the KCS bulls dominate the market.

KCS/USDT 1-day Chart (Source: TradingView)

Contrastingly, if the bears dominate, the prices could fall to the Support level of $6.5. However, before KCS reaches this support level, the 200-day MA and the 50-day MA may save it from suffering such a drastic drop.

KuCoin (KCS) Price Prediction 2024

The next year could be a significant year in the cryptocurrency calendar as it is the year of Bitcoin halving. Since the rewards for mining and validating will be slashed in half, there will be fewer validators. This means there will be less BTC mined and the supply will shrink and as a result, the price could surge.

Since all cryptocurrencies rise and fall in tandem with BTC, we could expect KCS to reciprocate this behavior. As such KCS could rise to somewhere close to $14.6.

KuCoin (KCS) Price Prediction 2025

In the aftermath of the BTC halving, we could expect the market to correct BTC. But, as per  Aurelien Ohayon, CEO of XORstrategy, a bull run will be followed for BTC for three years after halving. However, it will not be a continuous three years of a bullish run. It will be split by 1.5 years of the bull run followed by 1 year of the bear run which then will be followed by another 1.5 years of the bull run. If this happens and the other coins reciprocate this behavior then KCS could reach $12.4 in 2025.

KuCoin (KCS) Price Prediction 2026

Remember 2025 will be the first year after BTC halves and six months into 2026 will mean that the bull run will be over and the bear market will appear. Hence, the price of KCS could settle for something around $9.8 in 2026 and go through a correction.

KuCoin (KCS) Price Prediction 2027

The first half of 2027 could be a bearish market and the rest six months could be followed by market consolidation in the course of the year. Hence, it is possible to see KCS trade at around $15 in 2027.

KuCoin (KCS) Price Prediction 2028

KCS will likely trade above its 2025 price prediction of $15 in 2028 due to the start of the next bull run with respect to Bitcoin halving. With the powerful sentiment of investors to buy more cryptocurrencies, a buy pressure may be seen in the market, which will make KCS trade at around $20.6 in 2028.

KuCoin (KCS) Price Prediction 2029

The most impact of a bullish sentiment resulting from Bitcoin halving could be mainly experienced in the coming year. We can expect the price of KCS to break more psychological resistance and trade around $22 by the end of 2029.

KuCoin (KCS) Price Prediction 2030

The impact of cryptocurrency adoption could stabilize the market by 2030, sustaining the bullish gains of the previous years. Hence, we can expect the price of KCS to trade above $21.5 by the end of 2030.

KuCoin (KCS) Price Prediction 2040

KCS is predicted to surpass more psychological resistance levels and trade around $27 by the end of 2040, potentially even surpassing its all-time high value.

KuCoin (KCS) Price Prediction 2050

By the year 2050, the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies is predicted to stabilize the market and maintain the previous bullish gains. As a result, we can anticipate KCS to trade at around the $30 mark towards the end of 2050.


If the investors see potential in KCS and add it to their portfolio then we will be able to see exponential growth in KCS prices surpassing $20.


What is KuCoin (KCS)?

Kucoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in 2017. The exchange has grown into one of the most popular crypto exchanges and already has over 27 million registered users across 207 countries and regions around the world. Furthermore, KuCoin has supported over 750 projects with 1,300+ trading pairs.

How to buy KCS tokens?

Kucoin can be traded on many exchanges like any other digital asset. It could be traded on KuCoin, Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, HitBTC, AscendEX (BitMax), and ProBit Global.

Will KCS surpass its current ATH?

KCS has the potential to break its all-time high of $28.682 in 2030 but it could break it much before that.

Can KCS reach $30 soon?

KCS is one of the rising tokens and if it manages to break above the present $9.36 zone it has the potential to hit $30.

Is KCS a good investment in 2023?

Since KCS provides investors with several opportunities to form their crypto holdings, it grooms to be a good investment in 2023, especially with a recent golden cross.

What is the lowest price of KCS?

The lowest price of KCS is $0.100.

Which year was KCS launched?

KCS was launched in 2017

Who are the founders of KCS?

KCS was founded by established Michael Gan and Eric Don, two tech geeks.

How do I store KCS?

KCS can be stored in a hot wallet, cold wallet, or exchange wallet.

What will be the KCS price in 2023?

KCS is expected to reach $10.5 by 2023.

What will be the KCS price in 2024?

KCS is expected to reach $14.6

What will be the KCS price in 2025?

KCS is expected to reach $12.4 by 2025.

What will be the KCS price in 2026?

KCS is expected to reach $9.8

What will be the KCS price in 2027?

KCS is expected to reach $15 by 2027.

What will be the KCS price in 2028?

KCS is expected to reach $20.6 in 2028.

What will be the KCS price in 2029?

KCS is expected to reach $22 by 2029.

What will be the KCS price in 2030?

KCS is expected to reach $21.5 by 2030.

What will be the KCS price in 2040?

KCS is expected to reach $27 by 2040.

What will be the KCS price in 2050?

KCS is expected to reach $30 by 2050.

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