Today’s Wordle #613 Hint, Clues And Answer For Wednesday, February 22nd

Well it’s another stormy day here in the mountains. They’ve closed all the schools including the university. Lots of snow and winds upwards of 90mph are bringing the city to its knees, with truly abysmal travel conditions and lots of private businesses shutting down as well. It’s a bundle up and stay inside kind of day.

Winter is here, no doubt. When will it go away?

Yes, I know we need the snow for our forests, for our dry lakes and reservoirs. This land has become a tinderbox after decades of drought and climate change. We need every bit of snow we can get. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it! I’m dreaming of beaches and jungle waterfalls, of green forest glades and birds chirping.

All that will have to wait. For now, a Wordle awaits . . . .

How To Solve Today’s Wordle

The Hint: If the avocado is hard it needs to be _______.

The Clue: This word has a double consonant.

The Answer (Spoilers):




Yeah so I guess I got lucky with that last guess. If I’d thought of it first, I definitely would have guessed ripen and not riper but for whatever reason, the ‘R’ really roared my name and I got the answer in three.

Yeast was positively no bueno, leaving me with 431 possible solutions, but I made up for that rather quickly with pride (I almost went with proud, but either way I would have eliminated roughly the same number of words).

I beat Wordle Bot for the second day in a row—huzzah!—since he took four guesses today. That’s two points for House Kain (one for guessing in three, one for outsmarting the Bot). Huzzah again!

Have a lovely—hopefully relatively warm—Wednesday, dearest Wordlers!

I went to Ant-Man 3 this weekend also. You can read my review here or watch my video review below:

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