Mini Royale introduces the Mini Royale Fusion Lab & Clan Wars

Mini Royale is on a roll, introducing new reward systems and initiatives to boost the Faraway title. The game recently announced an automated and transparent leaderboard reward system for the Clan Wars event.

Besides this, the game also introduced a new minting tool along with The Mini Royale Fusion Lab. Clan Wars’ weekly event is already live, enticing players globally. The event allows different clans to complete quests and earn awards from the leaderboard.

IndigoBlue has done an excellent job with crypto games, especially with Mini Royal: Faraway. The title is at the forefront, expanding the Web3 gaming meta to open new opportunities. 

Its weekly Clan Wars event will involve clans conducting raids where in-game items will be at stake for Economic Points. Clans will be forced to use strategies to defend their cities every month. However, this is done in the World Domination mode, where other clans will use missile strikes.

According to the official tweet by Mini Royale: Nations, the Clan Wars SOL jackpot will start on December 16. The event will offer additional rewards to players, including:-

  • Item Shards
  • $BUTTER 
  • Battle Pass Points

In addition, players can win one premium skin weekly to boost their Clan War. Mini Royale also allows users to open treasures to equip the skin or get random shards. Once players have acquired every shard, they can unlock a new hero for the event. Given the excitement around the event, Mini Royale is expected to benefit massively from the new initiatives.