Crypto set for huge clear out and inflation won’t be…

Black Rock CEO Larry Fink says that most crypto companies will not survive and is worried that inflation will not be brought back to even 3 or 4%.

An economic malaise

Larry Fink is the CEO of Black Rock, the world’s largest asset management company. He may know a thing or two about the way the economy is looking heading into the future, and in his view, we are headed for an economic “malaise”.

The Federal Reserve is tightening by steadily increasing interest rates, and by making a start on reducing a balance sheet that looks just too huge to even contemplate.

War is still raging in Ukraine, and supply lines across the world are extremely fragile due to this, and also sanctions, which have imperilled the energy needs for many countries even as winter is just beginning.

To these woes Fink adds the macro economic factors of a global collapse in birth rates, and China going back to a more ideological stance on its economy.

Inflation woes

Fink is not positive on the chances of the Federal Reserve  achieving its long-term goal of price stability by bringing inflation back to 2%. He states:

“My biggest worry is not that we are not going to see a fall in inflation back to 3-4%. My biggest worry is that the world is losing hope.”

Fink added the following bleak summary of the cost of central bank mismanagement:

“After we get out of this burst of inflation, it is my fear that we are not going to have the ability for any fiscal stimulus for any time soon. Deficits do matter, and at the same time, the central banks are going to take years in which they’re going to have to unwind all their quantitative easing, all their bond purchases that they did over the last ten years, and aggressively over the last few years.”

Downbeat on crypto

On crypto the Black Rock CEO was also downbeat. His company had $24 million invested with FTX through one of its funds. He believes that there was major wrongdoing going on.

“We’re going to have to wait to see how this all plays out … I mean, right now we can make all the judgement calls and it looks like there were misbehaviors of major consequences.”

He is extremely bearish on the crypto sector overall, saying that he didn’t think most crypto companies would still be around, although as a counter to this he does believe that certain crypto technologies such as securities tokenisation will be of huge importance going forward.

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