Oobit Unleashes New Crypto Token Via MEXC Listing

It can be extremely difficult to establish a new digital token, much less have it listed on a legitimate exchange. Thus, traders should probably be giving Oobit Technologies a pat on the back, as it’s managed to do both within a relatively short period.

Oobit Has Unveiled Its New Crypto Token

Oobit – a crypto payments solution – has created what it’s calling the OBT utility token, which will be the official digital currency of the company. It was first listed on the MEXC global crypto exchange on October 19 of this year, meaning it’s now approaching its first full month on the trading platform. Prior to that, the token enjoyed a listing on Pancake Swap, which is one of the crypto space’s leading decentralized exchanges.

CEO of Oobit Amram Adar offered his thoughts and ideas regarding the MEXC listing in a recent interview, stating:

We are thrilled to be taking this significant step forward with our first listing on an award-winning centralized exchange. Tapping into MEXC’s ten-million strong user base is a powerful vehicle for advancing our mission of empowering the financially underserved through our innovative crypto payment solution. MEXC is a globally recognized player, and we look forward to the opportunities this listing offers the wider Oobit community.

First established five years ago in 2017, Oobit’s main goal was to ensure cryptocurrency adoption could happen easily and quickly. The company recognizes that while many assets have become speculative trading tools in recent years, they were initially designed to serve as payment tools that could get people out of the controlling hands of standard banks and similar financial institutions.

The company has since worked to establish a global payment platform that enterprises everywhere could utilize if they had any interest in accepting crypto and bitcoin payments for goods and services. Primarily delivered through mobile means, Oobit allows users to not only purchase crypto assets, but also take advantage of cash management services and be part of what the company feels is a steadily growing community of both businesses and individuals alike.

Crypto Was Always Supposed to Be a Payment Tool

The idea of crypto payments, while remaining somewhat of a constant within the confines of the digital currency space, has become a tad lost in recent years as more and more people simply seek to engage in crypto investing as a means of getting rich. With all this speculation and volatility getting in the way, it’s been a little easy to forget that assets like bitcoin were initially created to replace cash, checks, and credit and debit cards so consumers could make purchases without being spied on by third parties.

Companies like Oobit are a reminder of what crypto initially stood for. Perhaps traders could eventually bring crypto back to its initial roots and help in the bolstering of mainstream adoption.

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