FirstByte Media’s Cosmin Mesenschi on How Helps the Crypto Community

Cosmin Mesenschi is the Founder and CEO of FirstByte Media. A brand creator with a wealth of knowledge in the crypto gambling industry. His past experiences in the sector has shaped his way of thinking about the market, leading him to find a niche where he could match his own interests with the market’s needs. Recently, we asked him a few questions about and the benefits it offers.

Q: Let’s start with FirstByte Media. Can you refresh our readers’ memory by explaining what exactly your company does?

FirstByte Media is composed of Brand Creators. Therefore, we create brands that serve users in search of valuable information. By doing so, we are incorporating the knowledge of the crypto and igaming industry we have accumulated over time.

Q: Tell us about all the platforms operated by FirstByte Media

FirstByte Media has three leading brands as of this moment.

Our main one, CryptoGamble, is a crypto casino comparison website that helps players find reliable and accurate information about the crypto casinos and their offers (bonuses, games, etc.)

BettingDose, similar in structure, provides information about crypto betting websites. We aim to educate our users about the betting markets and the advantage of crypto betting compared to traditional sports betting.

MonsterGames, on the other hand, focuses on a rising trend in the igaming industry, crypto esports betting. On our website, players may find all the valuable information about it and learn what esports betting is all about and how they could use cryptocurrencies to bet on it.

And soon more brands will be released, the team is working to develop more suitable projects for our future and current partners.

Q: Can you please explain what is all about? How does it benefit the crypto community?

As mentioned above, CryptoGamble is a valuable source of information and news concerning crypto casino recommendations. We poured all of our knowledge into this website and are working on improving it and providing our visitors with the most relevant and up-to-date information which will help them navigate the crypto gaming industry. We do so by reviewing each platform through our analysis process to identify and propose an objective view for all the players looking to make clear information about them.

Q: What parameters does your website evaluate before listing any crypto gambling or casino platforms?

The community is the main parameter we use in deciding what casinos to list and which not. Most of the new casinos are researched in forums beforehand, and that’s where we find most of the gambling houses, plus there are others that reach out directly. Lastly, we attend gambling conferences and meet most of the people working for big brands.

Q: If I am a crypto gambling platform operator, how do I get my website listed on

A crypto gambling site can get listed by applying via our “list your site” page. Once we get the request, we start our analysis of the platform. Once we determine it’s a good fit for our audience, we review the casino – usually, the process takes 2 weeks. The last step is adding it to our 80+ crypto casino reviews directory.

Q: Do you have any collaborations with gambling platform operators or game developers?

Yes, we do. There are certain brands that we love more than others. However, our collaboration is available only to casinos with a particular rating score. Otherwise, there is no possibility for the casino to be promoted more than others.

Meanwhile, as CryptoGamble focuses mainly on crypto casino reviews, collaboration with game developers is only one of our concerns. Still, we are publishing informative pages about them.

Q: What makes different from other casino review and rating platforms that are currently available online?

From the beginning, transparency and honesty have been our strongest motivators in overall shaping the website and brand. Keeping that in mind, we have developed a unique, unbiased rating system that can be easily accessible on our website. With the help of said rating system, we determine which crypto casinos are worthy of our visitors’ time and money.

To make things even more transparent, we have recently started streaming on several platforms that include Twitch ( Youtube, and Dlive, where we test the casinos in our offer with our users. In this way, the visitors and we can experience the crypto casinos firsthand and build a long-lasting and, more importantly, trusting relationship with our community.

Q: Can you estimate how many crypto gamers have so far benefited from your offering?

From our data since the day we went online (Jan 2020), we helped more than 43k people make better decisions regarding crypto gambling.

Q: What are the future plans for CryptoGamble.Tips?

Our future plans are to focus on and create a bridge between the casinos from web2.0 to web 3.0. That means recreating the standards of comparison websites for casinos in the crypto space.

We will keep our central core of casino reviews and what surrounds them, which include exclusive offers, streaming, slot reviews, game guides, casino tips, and more.

Also, as said in a previous article regarding the future of our market, crypto and gambling will keep on growing and we are making sure to be top of mind for future and current users. These are our plans for the future as a company and as a brand.


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