Web3, Blockchain Gaming: Bloxmith Launches Raiders Rumble, A Strategy Game for Gamers on the Flow Network

Bloxmith, the newly-developed Web3 gaming studio, has announced that the open-beta for Raiders Rumble, its 1v1 squad battler game for mobile that’s powered by the Flow blockchain network, is available via the Google Play and Apple App Store. 

Raiders Rumble expects players to apply strategic decision-making in countering the moves of opponents. Implemented as an engaging esports game for a wide range of users, it reportedly features a daily rotation of tournament modes where the top-50% of in-game participants can win various items or RUMB tokens, Raiders Rumble’s native crypto token. 

As noted in the announcement, players need not keep a digital currency wallet or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in order to start playing and enjoying the interactive game. To maintain competitive integrity, NFTs in Raiders Rumble don’t offer any significant in-battle advantage, though they have unique features that can make them valued by collectors.

Bloxmith Co-founder and CEO Wayne Lee stated that for their very first game, they wanted to work on a unique type of competitive mobile strategy game that would effectively bridge the gap between more traditional and Web3 gamers,

Lee also mentioned that they’re quite pleased to be working on the Flow blockchain. He explained that it effectively solves the scalability problem for games as well as NFTs. Lee added that with fast onboarding, social logins and widely-adopted payment methods, Flow is developed specifically to make it seamless for mainstream users and major brands to move from Web2 to Web3.

As part of the planned roll-out and esports-focused nature of the game, Raiders Rumble is reportedly set to host three Flow-sponsored bonus tournaments. 

As mentioned in the announcement, strategy gamers will have the chance to acquire FLOW tokens, with a prize pool totaling a sizable $120,000 in FLOW that’s up for grabs for the most innovative strategy gamers around. 

As confirmed in the update, these Flow-sponsored tournaments are going to be held between March 23-31, with details about the events found on the Raiders Rumble website here.

Chirag Narang, Head of Product at Flow, said that Raiders Rumble is a good example of a mobile game that can appeal to a mainstream user-base while also introducing them to the true power of Web3 gaming that’s being powered by Flow,  

Narang added that the Bloxmith team’s creative take on game design and player onboarding aligns perfectly with Flow’s goals for their ecosystem around gaming and onboarding mainstream users to the Web3 ecosystem.

Established back in December 2021 by passionate gaming vets from Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Pumpkin VR and Facebook Gaming, Bloxmith’s objective is to enable player-first games that are fun even after over a 1000 plays. 

Bloxmith’s list of investors reportedly include Infinity Ventures Crypto, Dapper Labs, Vayala, Moon Holdings, Bitoro, SEA Pixel, and Results.io.

As noted in the announcement, Flow is a decentralized layer-one DLT network designed for onboarding mainstream consumers. Described as being intuitive, secure and eco-friendly, Flow allows blockchain developers to innovate and push the limits that will help with onboarding the next billion people to Web3. 

Flow is currently home to a fast-growing ecosystem of creators from popular brands, development studios, promising startups, crypto industry professionals, and other talent. 


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