The best blockchain games of 2022 graded as per ranks

Blockchain Gaming is that one segment in the digital industry that is sure to look out for. The technology has brought a lot of opportunities for start-ups to grow, especially the ones looking to get a headstart in the Web3 sphere. The segment has a lot of players, but not all of them have been able to stand their commitment, or rather a vision, of establishing a unique proposition in the competition.

The article talks about those blockchains that have supported the scalability nature of the gaming segment throughout 2022.BNB Smart Chain has to be the one to start the list with. It once looked to go for the NFT marketplace. Seeing the pace of growth in the gaming segment and the rise of user demand, BNB Smart Chance directed a major portion of its resources to work on blockchain gaming.

The result is that the platform now accounts for 36.6% of the games built on blockchains. 2022 has given it the needed success with a lot to look forward to in the next year.

Arbitrum moves up the trend in 2022 with the Layer-2 Rollup Arbitrum, courtesy of the Treasure DAO and its organic growth in the current year. The blockchain is trusted by gamers and developers who see a lot of potential in the network.

Solana continues to look for that one game that will set it apart in the list. It is currently standing strong on the gaming titles it already has on the board. 2023 could be a challenge if it stands steady instead of getting more additions.

The network has seen projects shift their focus to another blockchain network. Gaming is one thing that it still has a strong hold on. Solana Ventures team has backed several games until now. It looks to pursue more developments with the community through scalable approaches.

Immutable nearly tops the list. Web3 gaming has seen the rise along with the NFT segment that is now strongly attached to it. Immutable did not skip a beat to grab this opportunity. Gamestop NFT shows that NFTs are a crucial part of the digital world.

A move that puts Immutable in a stronger position happens to be the introduction of NFT to its virtual world. The entire Web3 strategy now revolves around digital items being placed in the virtual world in a way that players understand its utility.

Polygon tops the chart with no doubt anywhere by any person. The journey to the top was kickstarted by Ryan Wyatt immediately when he was hired as the Chief Executive Officer of Polygon Studios. His experience as the Head of YouTube Gaming has helped the entire venture curate partnerships with top brands.

More grants and partnerships are lined up for 2023 by Polygon Studios.2022 may have come as a year when projects got noticed the most; however, 2023 could be when projects showcase their true potential.