Quadrans Blockchain focuses on sustainability

Most blockchain transactions are very energy-intensive. When Bitcoin became popular, the energy required to power all the computers involved in mining was greater than the energy consumption of entire small countries. As the cryptocurrency market grew, so did the amount of energy needed to maintain it.

However, some blockchain projects have started to focus on sustainability. For example, Quadrans is a project working on the development of a blockchain specifically designed to be more energy efficient and suitable for industrial applications. Using a hybrid consensus algorithm, Quadrans can significantly reduce the amount of energy required to power its network.

Quadrans is continuously working to make its blockchain more sustainable in the future, starting with the hardware required to support a Quadrans node. The computing power required to run a Quadrans node is so low that users can take advantage of even old, disused hardware to support the network, from laptops to single-board computers (Raspberry and the like). 

Quadrans created a layered validation mechanism that puts fewer elements in charge of intensive work like the computations needed to solve complex algorithms – requiring less energy to solve complex computations while still maintaining a high transaction speed. This is the foundational idea behind the sustainability of Quadrans.

The Quadrans Blockchain runs on two cryptographic elements, Quadrans Tokens (QDT) and Quadrans Coins (QDC), designed as utilities to ensure the correct functioning of the infrastructure and support a suitable use in the industry.

QDTs drive the QDC generation and establish a cycle of sustainability in operations. This virtuous and sustainable use of the system rewards participants for their internal service to the network.

Quadrans’ open-source public blockchain network runs smart contracts and decentralized applications in a new digital economy sustained by an internal reward mechanism. In conjunction with the limited number of QDTs issued (600 million), it brings significant benefits to the platform in terms of scalability and sustainability. 

Quadrans is also focused on giving back. The Quadrans Foundation supports activities to represent the public interest and improve the spread of technology across the community. That includes academic activities, innovation hackathons, startups, incubators, and other activities that promote sustainability and empower a circular economy.

Quadrans’s focus on sustainability is at the top of its priorities for future iterations and further development of features. Because Quadrans is so highly scalable, sustainability is even easier to achieve now and in the future.

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