Klever Blockchain Launches its Mainnet-Kleverchain

  • KleverChain will provide pre-built and ready-to-use apps.
  • Klever published its whitepaper and held a competition for 100,000 KLV.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency network Klever launching the native layer 1 (L1)  blockchain, the KleverChain, takes the next significant step in the evolution of its ecosystem and its mainnet will be available from July 1st.

Klever Blockchain, also known as Kleverchain, is the next-generation blockchain, claims that, one-stop market for all digital currencies, dApps, and stablecoins supported by Bitcoin and USDT. The team is now bringing in the next phase of the Klever ecosystem following a successful launch on the Tron network.

 Dio Ianakiara, Co-Founder & CEO of Klever said;

Klever has a completely different approach and instead builds the Klever Blockchain with smart contracts coded into the blockchain itself. It is inspired by what Satoshi Nakamoto did with Bitcoin: code once and the Klever contract or Kapp as we call it will be there forever for anyone to use.

Kleverchain Developments

KleverChain ecosystem supports the development and expansion of the growing decentralized economy by serving as a reliable and permissionless blockchain network. The chain will processes up to 3,000 transactions per second and uses the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, which is more ecologically friendly than Proof-of-Work. 

KleverChain is not only a platform for smart contracts it will provide pre-built and ready-to-use apps and features native to the blockchain. On the other hand, it does not demand that developers have prior experience with blockchain coding.

Smart contracts are not necessary for application creation on KleverChain because developers may access prebuilt, ready-to-use apps and native blockchain functionality. This features enabling the adoption of decentralised applications (dapps) easier, quicker, and cheaper. 

Along with the blockchain launch, Klever also published its whitepaper and held a competition for 100,000 KLV. The Klever native token is $KLV, and it  is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency wallet that supports a different types of digital assets, including Bitcoin (BTC), TRON (TRX), Ethereum (ETH), and others, also It is simple to use and safe.

Source: https://thenewscrypto.com/klever-blockchain-launches-its-mainnet-kleverchain/