EarthFund Launches Carbon Removal Cause, Expands its Bet on Eco-Friendly Blockchain

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Vladislav Sopov

New decentralized autonomous organization launches to address climate issues in new-gen manner


A new organization will change the narrative in the ways that industrial giants help to address climate issues. Blockchain will help to switch from greenwashing to real eco-friendliness and carbon neutrality.

Carbon Removal DAO goes live to leverage blockchain for fighting climate change

According to the official announcement shared by the EarthFund crowdfunding platform, it is ready to introduce Carbon Removal Cause in the form of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Carbon Removal DAO’s progress will be helmed by Dr. Lucy Tweed, Columbia University alumna and associate climate researcher at Cambridge University.

The new project is set to support communities around the world in their efforts to fund carbon-neutral and carbon-negative initiatives in various regions of the globe.


Dr. Lucy Tweed highlights that first-gen climate change initiatives curated by businesses are no longer enough to address sustainable growth goals:

Individual action is crucially important. Recycling, flying less, voting for progressive candidates, eating less meat… are all great. But to accelerate climate action we need to come together to create scalable models for broader systemic change. This is no secret. Problem is that there hasn’t been a tool for collective, meaningful, and coordinated global action until now. The Carbon Removal cause is an accessible and inclusive community where people can come together as a collective to support sustainable community-led carbon removal projects and bring about real change.

CarbonCommons tokens to be distributed on July 27

EarthFund CEO Adam Boalt is excited by the launch of the new DAO as it is a huge milestone for his platform and all eco-friendly blockchain start-ups:

We’re all incredibly excited for Dr Tweed to be launching her cause on our platform. Not only is she going to be conducting research into carbon storage at Cambridge University, but through her cause on the EarthFund platform, she’s also going to be growing a global community that gets rewarded for being the driving force behind finding and funding carbon removal projects around the world. This is what we built EarthFund for — to give ordinary people the tools they need to bring about real change on a global scale. We can’t wait to see what the Carbon Removal DAO achieves.

To introduce the new instrument to a large blockchain audience, EarthFund will airdrop the CarbonCommons tokens to its early enthusiasts and supporters. These tokens will not be listed on exchanges; at the same time, CarbonCommons tokens can be exchanged for 1Earth, EarthFund’s core native utility and governance asset.

CarbonCommons token holders will be available to vote on EarthFund’s referendums and get rewards in U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT), the largest stablecoin.