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PRESS RELEASE. “NFTs aren’t dead, they are going to be everywhere” says Tina Lou, Head of Marketing at Minxie, “and, actually, the bear market is the best thing that could have happened to them”, she continues, “We’ve weeded through scams and rug-pulls and the projects left standing are truly dedicated to Web3 values. We’ve been forced to pivot and solve some fundamental issues we saw with the first wave of NFTs. When the market reverses you’ll see more tangibility and innovation with the way NFT creators and brands are providing value to their holders”.

Minxie has created a blockchain-based social media platform that offers creators multiple options for direct monetization including an NFT marketplace. Their mission is to address issues experienced by artists and creators who are currently stuck on web2 platforms. Although the platform was designed for creators of all categories, they are not afraid to point out that they especially solve for those in marginalized and underserved categories such as cannabis, adult, and crypto, who are often spending their time recovering deactivated accounts and combating major disruptions in their visibility via algorithms and shadowbanning.

Disgruntled creator communities have become increasingly aware of the unfair power dynamics they’ve experienced on monopoly platforms such as Meta and Twitter. “Platforms have long taken the lion’s share of value and revenue generated by their creators and users, pulling in dozens of billions a year in profit while reluctantly launching one-time single billion dollar ‘creator funds’. The power dynamic has long since been over-skewed in favor of the platforms rather than those who made them relevant and enjoyable to use in the first place. That coupled with archaic notions of content regulation better befitting the FCC of yesterday, where they fear ‘reefer madness’ and nudity more than hate speech and violence, making their obsolescence all too obvious. The time for a fundamental shift towards a more democratic and equitable form of social media is upon us, and Minxie is leading the charge.” Says Minxie’s Chief of Business Development, Noah Greenburger.

With most online communities still largely untapped, Minxie plans to lead the way in bringing blockchain to the creator economy, which is why their upcoming NFT drop was designed with creators and their fans in mind.

“Most people, especially those who still think NFTs to be nothing more than grossly overpriced jpegs, want value that is meaningful. The technology is solid, but what else are they getting out of the art that sits in their digital wallet?”, Minxie’s CEO Kyle Jackson continues, “Many projects are attaching access to online communities and events, which is great, but we’re taking it much further than that.”

Minxie has taken the concept of the PFP and coupled it with access and prizes with additional utility attached to different levels of rarity. “Literally every holder of our mystery NFT is a winner, but we’ve gamified it with prizes and additional utility to provide more value to our platform users and make it more fun.” says Minxie. At base level all holders of the MinxieVerse Pass (MVP) NFT will gain early access to their platforms and exclusive giveaways attached to real world items people will actually want – and the prizes, rewards, and IRL opportunities multiply for those who unlock characters with the specified rare traits.

All minters of the first MINXIE drop will receive a mystery PFP depicting an anime character, playfully adorned in sci-fi attire with hints of the 3D-printed fashion styled in their photoshoots. Minxie’s Head of Marketing mentions working with their Head of Design on the concepts for the characters, “Most of my mood boards for Minxie look like Grimes had a baby with Barbarella”, she laughs, “it’s been a really fun nod to creator empowerment, and a way to bring pop culture to the tech world, where all the solutions for artists exist.”

With technology that has the potential to change the game in favor of artists and content creators, it will be interesting to see what projects emerge when we enter the next bull run. “The world is moving into a new era using blockchain technology to power a new asset class. Here at Minxie, we want nothing more than to help creators pioneer this new financial revolution with a platform that is focused on creator autonomy in conjunction with blockchain technology” says Minxie’s Director of Community Relations, Jonathan Octeus.

Minxie’s NFT collection mints on December 22, 2022 along with the private launch of the platform containing original content from the first wave of alpha creators, carefully selected by the Minxie Team to be available for minting after its public launch in Q1 2023.

The original MVP NFT Whitelist of 1,500 participants has already been filled due to partnerships with prominent NFT collections such as Alpacadabraz, Blvck, Moonbirds Dynasty, PGodjira, AlphaSharksNFT, the Habibiz and even Doodles. The Minxie Team is now hosting an additional Pre-Mint Waitlist for those who wish to join the Mint and get signed up to access the Minxie Ecosystem after its public launch in Q1 2023.

Holders of the MVP NFTs will also receive a future airdrop of the $GOOD transactional token to be airdropped to all MinxieVerse Pass holders at the time of the snapshot which the Minxie Team will announce in Q1 2023.

Anyone interested in joining their Pre-Sale Whitelist (in case any of the 1,500 signed up don’t proceed):


Anyone interested in joining their Pre-Mint Waitlist (to get access to the remaining spots in the Beta):



For more information, please visit: https://www.minxie.io/

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Website: https://www.minxie.io/

Pre-Sale Whitelist: https://www.minxie.io/mvpnft

Pre-Mint Waitlist: https://www.premint.xyz/minxieverse-1/

NFT Mint Page: https://minxieverse.com

NFT Roadmap: https://info.minxie.io/NFTRoadmap

Discord: https://discord.gg/minxie

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Whitepaper: https://info.minxie.io/whitepaper

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