What Is Tweet To Earn & The Future of Tweet To Earn

X to Earn became increasingly popular since the pandemic arose. With Play to Earn projects like Axie Infinity leading the way, different types of X to Earn were soon introduced to accommodate specific needs, one of them is called Tweet 2 Earn.

What is a Tweet to Earn?

Tweet to Earn is an application or a website that rewards cryptocurrency to users who interact with Twitter posts. Specifically, like, comment, post or retweet.

Tweet to Earn helps users to earn profits by spreading the word of a project. Likewise, projects who are looking to increase their outreach can provide incentives for users who willingly share their projects on Twitter.

Tweet to Earn is real and you can earn money from it. The concept of Tweet to Earn is relatively new, most projects are created during 2022. 

How Tweet to Earn works is that users receive rewards in the form of crypto tokens. With the tokens, users can choose to swap into real money (To Earn).

Do note that every Tweet to Earn projects will have their own native token, the price of the token will shift dramatically depending on the supply or demand. Hence, while users can earn from Tweet to Earn projects, the amount of profits earned is still dependent on the price of the project’s crypto token.

With Tweet to Earn emerging to the mainstream, there will be an increase of projects with similar ideas and concepts. Here are some of the outstanding Tweet to Earn projects:

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Oi! Network is a mobile first Web3 gig platform for cryptocurrencies earning. They are actually the first ever Tweet to Earn platform to be launched on mobile.

Users can earn $MOM by completing daily gigs, with simple tasks like retweeting & interacting with projects. Also, users can be a verifier to verify if gigs are complete with cheat or fraud.

As for the project’s founder, they can utilise and promote their projects through Oi! Network platform.

Explore Oi! Network here.


Twity is a Web3 advertising and marketing agency. To participate and earn $TTY, users first have to own a Twity NFT. Users can start earning $TTY by promoting projects found on Twity website. Users who own a higher NFT rarity have the opportunity to earn more $TTY.

If promoters wish to advertise their projects on Twity, they will have to stake a designated amount of $TTY. Once staked, promoters can start promoting their projects on Twity’s website.

Find out more about Twity here.


TwitDao is a Web3 social networking service with GameFi functionality, NFT is designed mainly with different fish from marine life as the design prototype. TwitDao claimed to be the first Tweet to Earn project launched on the BSC chain. 

Once user is equipped with a NFT,by tweeting with #TwitDao on Twitter, users will earn #TDT, which can either be used in-game, or cashed out for profit. 

Find out more about Twity here.


TwitFi is a viral marketing hub, building a new category with three components: DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi. Projects can use TwitFi as a tool for marketing, users can use it as a game and investors can use it for reward purposes.

Similarly, to start TwitFi, users have to purchase an NFT. Once purchased, users can earn $TWT from tweeting.

$TWT can be swapped for real money or can be used as an in-game currency.

Find out more about TwitFi here.

The challenges faced for Tweet to Earn are similar to many X to Earn projects. But with every challenge, there will always be a solution.

Here are some of the challenges faced for Tweet to Earn: 

High Barrier of Entry

Many Tweet to Earn projects require purchasing a NFT to start earning, this discourages users to try the application as there is a high fee to pay before earning. 

With no NFT purchase needed, Oi! Network allows users to download and start earning for free. 


There are many sceptics about X to Earn projects being unsustainable due to tokens being swapped out of the economy instead of recirculating.

Oi! Network provides a genuine solution by rewarding users to stake their tokens and recirculate into the economy.


Many X to Earn projects are susceptible for bots farming or cheating. In Oi! Network rewards are given based on the user skill level and multiple metrics. It also has validators to verify if completed gigs are genuine and legit.

The Future of Tweet to Earn

The concept of spreading information & earning rewards from a project through Twitter seems like an interesting idea, but there will still be much improvements needed before it can take over the traditional advertising & marketing method. 

Nonetheless, it will be interesting how Tweet to Earn shifts the dynamics of advertising & marketing in the future.

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