WAM Launchs Play-to-Earn Within WAM.app

WAM.app is the world’s first hyper-casual gaming platform and internationally validated play-to-earn social gaming platform.

Users compete in skill-based tournaments in highly engaging online games to win crypto rewards in WAM coins and NFTs.

WAM has announced the launch of the Play2Earn within the WAM.app, which will allow gamers to earn WAM coins simply by playing interesting and fun hyper casual games.

This simply means that all players who have earned XP by playing their best games so far will be able to convert them into WAM coins.

Another piece of great news is that after the beta version, gamers will be able to buy WAM coins using their credit cards. With this, connecting your wallet will be an entirely seamless process.

This particular milestone is significant because aside from being a representation of Blockchain technology in general, it brings WAM a step closer to achieving its mission of igniting mass crypto adoption.. 

In WAM’s point of view, crypto is supposed to be user-friendly, uncomplicated and fun, as opposed to just being a trading tool and speculative asset.

Gaming provides the chance for users to interact with crypto in an innovative way rather than waiting around for the price of an asset in a specific exchange to go up or down. 

Crypto can change the game

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has gained massive popularity with its usage ranging from online transactions to investments.

From observation, the majority of gamers are people without prior crypto knowledge but come online looking for different ways to make money and expand their income while having fun.

WAM’s Play2Earn has made the WAM platform even more spectacular as it keeps gaining the attention from crypto and gaming communities. It has also given a boost to the hyper casual gaming industry.

In the following weeks, gamers who are interested in actually earning something valuable with their hyper casual gaming skills will have a chance to migrate to the WAM platform.

With WAM, its users first!

There has been a redesign of the WAM.app recently in which the user interface, security and overall experience have been greatly improved.

In WAM’s quest to entertain users, there will be battles against teams and clans in which gamers can compete against other groups of people in real-time.

The best part of this is that you can live-stream the events to see the leaderboard updates. With this, your friends and family can watch games virtually. 

To participate in tournaments and win crypto rewards, download WAM right now on Android/iOS or try it on your mobile browser without having to download it. 


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