Viral Video Allegedly Exposes Twitter’s Double Standards, Elon Musk Responds Viral Video Exposes Twitter’s Double Standards, Elon Musk Responds

One of Twitter’s senior engineers recently went viral through a video in which he calls out the employees for their hypocrisy. Siru Murugesan, the senior engineer exposed Twitter for lack of belief in Free Speech. He added, that the employees are communists and revolted against Elon Musk’s takeover bid. Elon Musk has currently halted the Twitter takeover deal due to concerns over spam account figures.

Is the video actually legit?

This stirred a whole lot of speculations and a burst of opinions from some famous figures in the space. Seth Dillon, the CEO of thebabylonbee, responded with a confirmation and some facts regarding the same.

“Yes. And James O’Keefe has their internal emails acknowledging it and advising Twitter employees on how to avoid getting caught on camera admitting these things in the future.”

Benny reassured Elon by posting the official acknowledgment letter, “Twitter has acknowledged that this video is authentic and this employee was speaking about “internal policies” at the company,” he stated.

Elon Musk tweeted in response, “Seems like Twitter should welcome external validation if their claims are true, addressing Andrea Stroppa and Parag Agrawal, CEO of Twitter. The former richest man has already posed an ultimatum to Twitter’s team demanding evidence to prove their claims regarding the bot account figures. The team stated the value to be less than 5% whereas Elon claimed it be higher than 20%. Another controversial situation might cost Twitter more than just money. The community is eagerly waiting for updates from Elon.

Will the paused Twitter deal resume?

Elon, a very influential man in current times, paid a whopping $44 million in a recent deal to acquire Twitter. The deal was recently put on hold due to lack of proof concerning the accurate number of bot accounts. He had clearly stated that he won’t be moving forward until proven otherwise.

In other words, this could possibly mean a price reduction instead. Benny Johnson, a popular American political columnist, shared the above-mentioned viral video recently. This led to the initial suspicion over the validity of the video and prompted Elon to question the same. Elon’s response to Benny’s tweet including the video, “Is this legit?” Billy Markus, the creator of Dogecoin, which is supposedly Elon’s favorite Crypto, responded to the thread as well.

“it doesn’t seem particularly legit to me – people aren’t usually this candid, feels fake, but also i don’t know anything and did not research.”

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