US Congressman to Assess Environmental Impact of Mining Cryptocurrencies

Apr 25, 2022 at 12:30 // News

However, several studies conducted to assess the environmental impact of bitcoin mining

Leading U.S. lawmakers and members of a select community concerned with water, ocean and wildlife want the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining assessed. A total of 23 members of Congress signed the letter to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator (EPA) Micheal Reagan.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions 

According to the
report, a total of 23 U.S. congressmen argued in their letter to the EPA, that the proof-of-work criterion in mining cryptocurrencies has a negative impact on the environment. The lawmakers emphasised that PoW not only contributes to increased greenhouse gas emissions, but also wastes a lot of electricity. In addition, they said, the mining asics needed for PoW are so bulky and short-lived that they have to be disposed of after a short period of time, leading to chemical leaks into the environment.

Lawmakers also cited noise pollution from cryptocurrency mining in the United States as a major concern. The lawmakers, led by California
Senator Jared Huffman, want the EPA to have complete oversight of cryptocurrency mining across the country. The lawmakers argue that communities living near cryptocurrency mines regularly complain of noise pollution.


The lawmakers want EPA to use existing regulations, such as the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, to hold cryptocurrency miners accountable for any environmental pollution caused by cryptocurrency mining. The lawmakers also advised that non-energy-intensive mining operations be implemented to reduce the impact on the environment. The letter comes on the eve of global Earth Day celebrations, an occasion that celebrates important environmental achievements and sets new goals.

Republican Senator Jared Huffman
tweeted saying, 

“In my role on @ClimateCrisis select committee, I’m working to lower energy costs, create American jobs, and preserve a livable planet for future generations.

We’ve already passed over 400 #SolvingTheClimateCrisis solutions – and we’re pushing for more.”

Unproven environmental hazards 

However, several studies conducted to assess the environmental impact of bitcoin mining have failed to prove that mining has significant environmental impacts. Bitcoin mining uses clean, renewable energy and is responsible for only 0.08 percent of global carbon emissions, according to one such