Trademark Applications Cover NFTs, Investment Services, and More

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Alex Dovbnya

Fidelity’s foray into the world of NFTs signals a renewed interest from traditional finance companies in exploring various sectors of Web3

After successfully introducing the world of cryptocurrency investing to its customer base, Fidelity is now exploring more possibilities in the metaverse.

According to trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, the company has just filed a series of trademark applications covering non-fungible tokens (NFTs), marketplaces for NFTs, metaverse investment services, virtual real estate investing, and even cryptocurrency trading.

Considering that Fidelity was one of the first major financial companies to recognize and adopt Bitcoin, it is not surprising that they are now exploring more options for their customers within the metaverse.

Despite the ongoing crypto winter, Fidelity keeps pushing deeper into crypto. In November, Fidelity Investments opened its waiting list for Fidelity Crypto, a long-awaited crypto product geared toward retail customers.

In October, Fidelity Digital Assets began allowing institutional clients to trade ether (ETH).

In April, it made waves after revealing its initiative to offer Bitcoin as an investment option for its 401(k) plans.

Given that Fidelity has $2.7 trillion in assets under management, its recent metaverse-related filings are definitely noteworthy.