Terraform Labs Staff Says Terra Classic Can Enjoy ‘Major Benefits’ From TFL Independence

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Jared believes that the Terra Classic network can gain from TFL independence.

Terraform Labs staff Jared, who has recently served as the go-between for TFL and the Terra Classic community, has asserted that the Terra Classic network stands to gain significantly from being independent of TFL.

Terra Classic community influencer Classy made this known in a tweet today, sharing a picture of a Discord message from Jared. Notably, the TFL staff made the statement as he outlined how TFL plans to work with TFL developer groups to address challenges faced by community members on Terra Station.

Per the statement from the developer, when the time comes that the community can stand on its own in terms of infrastructure, user interface, and tooling, TFL is willing to take a less active supporting role.

“There are major benefits to the classic community for becoming independent from TFL in infra, user Ul, and tooling,” Jared wrote. “When such a time comes that there is a robust infrastructure and parity of product feature, TFL is willing to exit direct support.”

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that Jared also let slip that TFL is actively sharing information with the Terra Rebels, Allnodes, and TerraCVita, who are working to build infrastructure solutions to fix issues with staking and withdrawals. Additionally, Jared highlighted that, as clarified, they will provide a clone of the current version of Terra Station for users instead of dropping support for Terra Classic as Terra transitions to the Interchain Station.

Consequently, the TFL staff believes that the community has a unique opportunity to adopt a Station app that best serves their needs with innovations like a dashboard tracking the burn. 

It bears mentioning that on the back of recent developments, the Terra Rebels have decided to shift focus towards developing the Rebel Station as it pursues TFL independence, leaving the maintenance of the Terra Station to the TerraCVita. However, in recent tweets, the TerraCVita has chosen to throw shade at the Terra Rebels for this decision, as the independent developer groups appear to battle for dominance.

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