Terra Classic Development Group Trims Headcount

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Terra Rebels reduce their headcount to boost efficiency.

Terra Classic development team Terra Rebels has let go of about ten members, according to a tweet from community influencer Classy (@ClassyCrypto_) today.

The influencer disclosing this development says those laid off have failed to provide verifiable proof of work.

Terra Rebels’ admin ClanMudhorn (@ClanMudhorn_) appeared to confirm the development in response to Classy’s tweet. According to the admin, the group is working to provide a more efficient team to serve the community’s needs. 

It comes after a proposal allocating 937.5 million LUNC (~$150k) to the development group passed governance. Per the proposal, the fund will cater for two months of development work to make Rebel Station, the Terra Rebels alternative to the Terraform Labs-backed Terra Station, utterly independent of TFL infrastructure.

In a tweet last Wednesday, the Terra Rebels admin said that the Terra Rebels would distribute a portion of the funds to team members with a history of deliverables. However, ClanMudhorn gives little details about the members who will receive this distribution and the specific tasks for which they receive it.

“… I don’t feel concerns the community as long as TR members are happy with said distribution to members capable of providing proof of work,” ClanMudhorn said in response to inquiries from StrathCole (@ColeStrathClyde).

Notably, the approved proposal has faced flak from some quarters for being vague and wasteful. StrathCole expressed this view in a long thread with support from LUNC DAO and HappyCattyCrypto.

All of these come after the community recently faced uncertainty over continued TFL support for Terra Station, bringing to the fore the risks of Terra Classic’s TFL dependence. While recent developments may have sped up the timeline, independence from TFL has always been in the Terra Rebels roadmap.

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