Telepass: NFTs coming to the Italian mobility sector

Telepass, among Italy’s leading mobility companies, announced a few days ago that it will launch its own NFT collection.

Telepass makes its way into the world of NFTs

Telepass also enters the NFT world with new features for buyers

The collection consists of 1,000 artworks created using the ERC1155 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. Buyers will be entitled to various events and discounts and cashback on fuel, electric charging, skipass, car washing, and sharing, i.e., the five categories Telepass deals with.

The project was developed entirely in-house by the Telepass Digital division in order to bring the company into the Web 3 sector and move in the direction of decentralized payments.

Telepass CEO Gabriele Benedetto explained: 

“NFTs open up the possibility of revolutionizing the concept of loyalty in mobility by allowing operators in this sector to both share their users and, at the same time, solve related privacy issues. Looking forward, moreover, a bridge could be created between real mobility and that of the metaverse, beyond Web3, We are the largest Italian mobile community, with 4 million customers already fully digitized and handling more than 1.5 billion micropayment transactions since 1990. So we are the perfect company in terms of customer base and beta testing capabilities for an innovative project like this one and one that we want to make open to all mobility operators”.

NFTs, in addition to being digital works, will then have the function of an entry ticket into Telepass membership with dedicated content, initiatives and events. In addition, buyers will be able to choose to resell them on the secondary market in the future.

Telepass has decided to open the sale of its NFTs on a dedicated platform that will soon be released for minting. The launch date or price of these non-fungible tokens has not yet been revealed.

As explained in the official press release, part of the proceeds from the NFT project will be donated to various third-sector organizations to support initiatives aimed at environmental redevelopment, education, sustainability, and encouraging increasingly environmentally friendly mobility.