SUI, Bittensor, and Milei Moneda – Expert Certifies This Trio for Over 50x Gains After Halving


  • Experts believe SUI’s SuiPlay0x1 could yield more adoption and a price pump.
  • TAO’s listing on BINANCE gives Bittensor a major boost.
  • Milei Moneda’s $MEDA token delivers 25% profits, and imminent 60% profits impresses experts.

Virtually every crypto news item at the moment has some reference to the Bitcoin halving event. Make or break, everyone in the crypto market knows how influential the event could be for top altcoins and the entire market. From a  long list of altcoins, experts have shortlisted three for 50x gains. New cryptocurrency ICO, Milei Moneda ($MEDA), joins SUI and Bittensor (TAO) as the best coins to invest in, according to crypto experts.

Economize Like Milei: Invest in $MEDA!


SUI Introduces SuiPlay0x1 in New Partnership

There has been a lot of innovation in the gaming corner of the crypto space lately–airdrops, new games, and new features, as top DeFi projects in the niche try to outdo each other.

The biggest news in gaming is SUI’s introduction of its portable handheld console, SuiPlay0x1, which is expected to launch in 2025. SuiPlay0x1 is the result of a partnership between Mysten Labs, the developers of the SUI blockchain, and Playtron. 

The SuiPlay0x1 will drive an influx of users into the SUI ecosystem, and investors believe this could amount to tremendous growth in SUI’s adoption and value. Recent price downtrends have downed the SUI price by a weekly 25.8% loss, but with a 63.1% YTD growth, experts believe SUI is well placed for a positive price action.


TAO Goes Live on Binance

From gaming with SUI, we move to machine learning with Bittensor. Bittensor is fast becoming a main character in artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Despite the recent price turbulence in the crypto market, Bittensor’s TAO token is steadying its course to profits, and investors have passed a vote of confidence on further TAO surges.

In recent crypto news, the popular crypto exchange platform Binance announced that it was going to list Bittensor’s TAO token on its platform. The listing has marked a significant milestone for Bittensor, as TAO investors now have more trading pair options.

TAO’s listing on BINANCE gives Bittensor a major boost. TAO is on a weekly 3.4% uptrend. The Bulls are firm on this, and experts agree that TAO remains one of the altcoins to watch.


Experts Spotlight Milei Moneda’s Profit Potential

Milei Moneda has been on a roll lately as the new meme coin continues to lead other new ICOs. Milei Moneda’s $MEDA token has returned 25% ROI despite having only entered Stage 2 of its presale, but that’s not the only thing that excites investors about $MEDA.

In case you’re curious, Milei Moneda is named after president Javier Milei of Argentina. As the meme coin and ecosystem, Milei Moneda adapts some of Javier’s most exciting characteristics, and his relentless enthusiasm. The meme coin will be looking to lead the charge for economic revolutions and Defi adoption.

Milei Moneda’s $MEDA token has a deflationary feature. With the token set to burn 5% on every transaction, experts believe its value will continue to gain with consistent user transactions.

In addition, Milei Moneda‘s community offers investors extra rewards for $MEDA holders who come up with progressive ideas for the project. Members vote on important decisions and liaise with other $MEDA holders at community events.

The $MEDA train is fast-moving. The token is selling at $0.0125 now in Stage 2 of the presale, and the prices will go up to $0.020 when $MEDA launches in May. That’s 60% sure profits if you buy now.

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