Snowfall Protocol (SNW) Could Offer Respite for Retail Holders Amid Recent ADA Outage Payback Moment for SOL

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) leaps ahead of EOS and AVAX as its price skyrockets by 400%




Outages are a recurrent problem in the crypto universe. They can occur for various reasons, including poor coding, unusually high transaction volumes, hacking, etc. However, businesses’ biggest cryptocurrencies are among the most robust platforms. Successive improvements and upgrades have made them resilient against outages. However, most altcoins continue to suffer from outages now and then. Cardano is the latest crypto to suffer an outage, and it is significant because of its more considerable impact on other tokens.

Cardano (ADA) experienced a brief outage of its platform, affecting nearly 60% of its nodes. However, the Cardano network was restored almost immediately. The affected nodes were restarted automatically to restore the entire Cardano network. According to a developer on Cardano, a network-wide restart was not required.

Although Cardano (ADA) experienced a short-time devaluation in the markets due to an outage, the swift restoration incited a strong bullish response from the market. Investors interpreted the incident as evidence of Cardano’s resilience, not its weakness. Perhaps, a prolonged Cardano outage might have attracted a different response from the investors.

Solana’s (SOL) Sweet Revenge Was Short-lived

Cardano’s (ADA) outage isn’t the biggest event in recent crypto history. Solana (SOL) is notoriously unreliable, despite its wide adoption by developers. As recently as May 2022, Solana experienced an outage that lasted seven hours. What’s more worrying is that the event was only the latest in a series of outages that have plagued Solana, culminating in a social media firestorm prompting a response from Cardano’s founder, who shared video instructions on how to address such issues. For Solana, it was a low point and led to a drop in value.

The recent Cardano outage created the right conditions for Solana to deliver a comeback. However, one can only imagine that Cardano was restored even before the people behind Solana had the time to articulate a witty statement.

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) Could Reduce Uncertainties from Outages

Just because Cardano was quickly restored this time does not mean the platform is out of the deep waters yet. The platform’s founders have no idea what triggered the outage. So, it’s well within the realm of possibilities that there would be a repeat of this event, and it might be worse next time. And there’s no indication that Solana’s woes have ended either. For holders of these tokens or others for that matter, this creates a lot of uncertainty. Fortunately, Snowfall Protocol (SNW) is building a cross-chain bridge that connects multiple blockchains and allows users to move their crypto holdings and NFTs seamlessly between different blockchains.

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) also offers dex services and swapping features, which allow users to trade their tokens quickly, even when other altcoins are experiencing outages.





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