Snowfall protocol pleases users with a working prototype of its Dex and Dapp; Fantom to Expand Its dApp Ecosystem and Polygon to make key upgrades this month

Snowfall protocol pleases users with a working prototype of its Dex and Dapp; Fantom to Expand Its dApp Ecosystem and Polygon to make key upgrades this month




In only a few days, 2023 witnessed the greatest development in blockchain technology. First, we had Snowfall Protocol (SNW), a cross-chain bridging solution, launch its dApp and DEX prototype, and it is nothing but an innovative next-gen beauty. The interchain bridging solution has seen exceptional demand and the buzz is nothing new.

Fantom plans to expand its dApp to serve its users better, and Polygon is making key upgrades this month. Read on to learn more about the recent notable development in blockchain technology in 2023.

Snowfall Protocol’s dApp and DEX Prototype Met With Great Enthusiasm

The release of Snowfall Protocol’s dApp and DEX prototype has further boosted its demand. Users see the protocol as a great opportunity to close the technical gap between more than 200 blockchain networks. Users are pleased to witness the emergence of a first-of-its-kind bridging solution, which means only one thing: more demand and value.

Snowfall Protocol’s dApp and DEX prototype were designed with one main objective: to bring different blockchain networks together and enhance secure asset transfer. This will further enhance cross-chain communication, interoperability, and flexibility.

Snowfall Protocol is the first multi-chain bridge for crypto assets and NFTs. It is quickly gaining traction because of its innovative approach to securely bridging assets with its canonical/reverse canonical token bridges for fungible tokens. There is also a swap and wrap system for NFTs.




As blockchain grows, The use case of Snowfall Protocol (SNW) will become increasingly indispensable. Meanwhile, anyone can infuse in the protocol’s native token, $SNW, at this early stage. The token is trading at $0.191, and experts think it would easily reach 500x to 1000x. With its use cases and application, the exponential growth of $SNW is indisputable.

Fantom To Expand dApp Ecosystem

Fantom network, a layer one scalable and open-source blockchain protocol, is not left out in the revolutionary changes to enhance blockchain technology’s scalability and usability. In a recent announcement, Andre Cronje, the lead architect and co-founder of the network, revealed Fantom’s plan to expand its dApp ecosystem.

The overarching objectives of Fantom will focus on improving the protocol’s scalability and promoting sustainability for developers and users. As part of Cronje’s plan, gas monetization and gas reforms will improve Fantom’s revenue and incentive development. As part of the gas reform policies, anyone using the Fantom network can start a transaction and pay for gas fees directly.

The new policies will level the playing ground for smart contracts and externally held accounts. Meanwhile, Fantom users will also be able to pay gas fees with other tokens. As part of the expansion, Cronje has also made it known that the Fantom Virtual Machine will be the new center of attraction for Fantom. Since the announcement, FTM has gained more than 60% and is now trading at $0.35. 

Polygon Map Out Key Hard Fork Plans

Polygon is a layer two solution on the Ethereum blockchain, and it was created to solve the blockchain trilemma and improve scalability. However, like Ethereum, Polygon is not immune to network gas spikes.

However, in recent updates, Polygon has revealed its plans to implement major upgrades in its ecosystem. The upgrade primarily involves a hard fork to reduce unprecedented gas spikes and address reorgs (chain reorganizations).

It’s no doubt that Polygon is one of the most used layer-two solutions and, therefore, experienced a spike in activity. The hard fork will double the “BaseFeeChangeDenominator” to maintain baseFee when there are fluctuations in gas limit in a block.


You can also be a part of this opportunity – sign up and buy $SNW at Snowfall Protocol’s presale website.





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