SmarterWorx (ARTX) Finds Lucrative Niche In Art Market As Opposed To GameFi Tokens MANA And ALICE

The cryptocurrency market is home to several projects, each of which fills a specific niche and is tailored to the use cases of the particular coins or tokens being created for the project. The different types of coins include utility, payment, stable, and security coins, whereas the different types of tokens include Defi tokens, NFTs, etc.

The untapped gold mine of cryptocurrency niches and the arts, for example, as well as cryptocurrency games and cryptocurrency real-estate or Metaverse development.

The Art Niche

When integrated into the cryptocurrency sector, the art market reflects the actual world-class with both material and immaterial goods.

People utilize the arts for a variety of reasons and have varied meanings for them depending on who they are. According to estimates, the global art market will be worth around $450 billion in 2023, and many investors will diversify their investment portfolios to include art pieces. The art industry is one of the best investment categories and has held that position for many years.

People frequently withdraw money from the stock market to invest in the arts during recessions because the arts serve as an essential hedge for investors.

By far and away, the SmarterWorx team wisely chose to base its project on the lucrative investment niche that art represents.

SmarterWorx (ARTX)

SmarterWorx is the pioneering project for crypto in the art sector. The platform brings together those interested in investing in cryptocurrencies and art. SmarterWorx is an inclusive initiative for a range of people, unlike other companies that just cater to crypto enthusiasts.

The native token of Smarterworx, ARTX, is the first cryptocurrency asset in the class of Arts to be backed up to a real-world asset. This means that in times of market volatility, extreme fear, or uncertainty, arts will maintain the floor price of the coin. From this, we can infer that ARTX will be a token that is recession-proof and protected from a market crash.

Holders of our NFTs have the option to swap their NFT collections on any NFT marketplace or redeem their corresponding art at any moment.

GameFi tokens (MANA & ALICE)

GameFi is a subset of cryptocurrency tokens that brings together gaming and decentralized finance. It operates on the P2E (play-to-earn) paradigm, allowing users to play blockchain games utilizing NFTs as game characters and earn prizes by the rules established before the game.

Given that there is no actual gaming environment and laws are complicated, the niche is highly vague. The Mana and Alice token is an example of a token used in this area that is not up to par since it operates online and has no real-world asset backing.

The Decentraland metaverse’s official currency is the mana token, which may be used to pay for products and services in the virtual world.

My neighbor Alice’s functional money is the Alice token (a blockchain game that operates on the metaverse).

The GameFi tokens lack real-world applications and are not asset-backed cryptos; the ARTX token, on the other hand, makes up for both shortcomings by being an art-backed token.

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