Shibarium Public Beta PUPPYNET Goes Live And Here’s Why SBF Is Not Ryoshi

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Yuri Molchan

The beta test version of Shibarium has finally been released, Shytoshi Kusama dispels FUD about Ryoshi being Sam Bankman-Fried


A short while ago, the lead SHIB developer Shytoshi reopened the Telegram chat and announced that the early Shibarium beta has finally been released.

A Medium post with details has been published too. The new layer-2 blockchain is called Puppynet.

Kusama has also spread the word about why the popular FUD about Sam Bankman-Fried being the creator of SHIB – Ryoshi – is only FUD and there is not a grain of truth in it.

Shibarium beta released, burn mechanism being adjusted

Shytoshi made a reminder that Shibarium allows developers to create dapps, integrate businesses on it and power various projects. He again confirmed that SHIB tokens would be burned, while transactions are made. What’s important, according to Shytoshi, everyone can build on it as “Shibarium is only limited by the imagination”.

The burn mechanism is also in the process of launch, currently the developers are making adjustments to it and will continue to do so during the next few months.

“Shib burns will depend on the txns in the network. To keep track, we will have a running chart for burnt Shib on the burn portal. This is part of the beta testing for Shibarium Network.”

A link was also shared that leads to the official RPC site of Puppynet. The documentation, as is said in the Medium post, will be shared next week, so that users can set up a test node. Shytoshi offered developers who want to build on Shibarium to “grab some test bone and give it a go”.

Kusama again warned that products on Shibarium so far are only for testing purposes. “All tokens on Puppynet are not real”, he says, warning the community not to waste their Shiba Inu on those tokens, even if somebody starts shilling them hard.

Ryoshi and Sam Bankman-Fried

Finally, Kusama spread the word about the allegations that have been circulating in the crypto space and on crypto Twitter recently – about possibly founder of FTX Sam Bankman-Fried in reality being Ryoshi, the mysterious creator of SHIB.

Shytoshi, who seems to know Ryoshi in person, shared a few facts why this is not so. He also stated that this FUD is being spread by a competitor without naming anyone in particular.

According to Kusama, Ryoshi hates centralized exchanges and would never create and run one of those himself. There is also another thing he shared which shows that the real Ryoshi is much older than SBF.