Shiba Inu-themed Burger Venture to Penetrate in Middle East

The Shiba Inu-themed burger venture plans to launch a branch in Dubai.

Shiba Inu will be making an entrance into the heart of the Middle East, as Welly – a Shib-themed fast food burger venture – recently disclosed plans to open a branch in Dubai, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Carrying the Shiba Inu branding with it, Welly’s penetration of Dubai will further expose the Middle East to the ever-growing meme coin project.

The team behind Welly is currently seeking partners and investors in its goal to launch a store in Dubai, according to Welly’s co-founder Stefano Gugl who recently revealed the development through his Twitter handle. The official Welly handle also quoted the announcement, bringing it to a wider audience.


According to Gugl, once the store is launched, its management will be handled by the Welly team. However, he noted that they are not looking to open a franchise in Dubai, but an autonomous outlet under the umbrella of a new company.


He put out his contact email ([email protected]) for any partners looking to reach him on the matter.

Dubai remains one of the most crypto-friendly regions in the Middle East and globally, with several private crypto-focused investments penetrating the city in addition to a growing rate of government interest. As a result, Welly’s search for partners could be a short one.

Shortly after the partnership with Shiba Inu, Welly revealed last April that it had received over 300 franchise applications from investors looking to partner with it. Early last year, Welly rebranded its logo to suit a theme focused on Shiba Inu following its partnership with the meme project.

Shiba Inu’s Presence in Dubai

Meanwhile, Welly’s planned penetration of Dubai will not mark Shiba Inu’s first exposure in the city, as several Dubai-based businesses and ventures have already indicated an interest in SHIB. Last November, Travala disclosed that customers could book the luxury Dubai-based hotel “W Hotels” using SHIB on its platform.

Moreover, in March 2022, Bake N More, a newly-launched café in Dubai, announced that it would start accepting payments in Shiba Inu along with five other cryptocurrencies. Following the disclosure, the owner of the café noted that acceptance rate for the payment method is actually high.