Shiba Inu (SHIB) Lead Dev Shares New Teaser and Concerns About Shibarium Launch

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Yuri Molchan

New message has been shared about testing algorithms before Shibarium launch

The Shiba Inu army looks forwards to the long-promised release of Shibarium Layer 2 protocol beta version. In the meantime, a recent message from the lead developer of SHIB shows that the team is busy preparing for the launch.

He also stated that “everything is going on schedule.”

“Preparation for Shibarium launch”

In a recent tweet, SHIB community member Lucie Sasinkova, who goes by the alias @LucieSHIB on Twitter, published a screenshot of a message posted by Shytoshi Kusama the other day.

The screenshot shows that preparation for the release of Shibarium beta is in full swing now as the lead developer of the Shiba Inu token has been testing algorithms for rolling it out.

Lucie added that she expects documents for the Layer 2 protocol to be released soon.

Working to launch Shibarium “fudless”

On Jan. 31, SHIB fan account @sunshineSHIB shared a screenshot of another message from Kusama on Discord. In it, the lead developer explained what he meant when he switched his geolocation status on Twitter to “The Situation Room” — a room in places, such as The White House, a military base or a police station, where important decisions are made by people in authority.

He explained that he was working on the final details before launching Shibarium. He also told someone with alias “Seko,” apparently a dev member team, that they should expect a “year recap that outlines wins, errors, fixes, lessons and also docs that explain in full where we are and where we are going so that we can move forward with Shibarium fudless.”

Kusama’s stay in the “Situation Room” also had the goal of pushing Shibarium’s launch forward based on the aforementioned things in his quotation.

“After launch, clawing between the factions will continue”

In a recent tweet, the same above-mentioned SHIB fan shared a Discord screenshot, in which Kusama stated, “everything OK schedule,” apparently again referring to the preparation for the Shibarium launch.

The lead SHIB developer also shared his concerns that after the Layer 2 protocol kicks off, “the same clawing between the factions will continue.” Most likely, he referred to his recent feud with SHIB Defense Team co-lead Trophias. The latter stated that Kusama made a “hostile takeover” of the SHIB ecosystem.

Still, a survey conducted by the Shiba Inu army showed that the majority of them still support Shytoshi Kusama as the lead dev.