Shiba Inu Lead Developer Says He Will No Longer Follow Shibarium Projects

Shytoshi Kusama urges members of the community to do their research. 

Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama has hinted that he would no longer follow potential Shibarium projects on Twitter.

The developer made this known in a Twitter thread, pointing out that influencers were promoting it as a form of endorsement which he denies. Consequently, he urged community members to do their research before investing in a project, even if he endorses it, as, according to Kusama, the team “always” does its research.


Recall that the Shiba Inu lead last month had denied having anything to do with Pawswap (PAW), a proposed decentralized exchange building for Shibarium. It came after influencers tried to link Kusama with two PAW purchases, sparking speculation that the lead developer backed the project. The developer denied these claims urging community members to be wary of potential grifters pretending to be community supporters.

Shibarium Intake Form Receives Thousands of Submissions

It is worth noting that in the second part of the thread, Kusama provided updates on Shibarium intake form submissions. Recall that, as reported by The Crypto Basic last week, the developer launched a website to take in project applications from those interested in building on the proposed Ethereum Layer 2 protocol. As clarified by Kusama, while it was not necessary to fill out the form to build on Shibarium, those who did would constantly stay in the loop as to the project’s progress.

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In yesterday’s thread, the Shiba Inu lead let slip that the form had received thousands of submissions, asserting that Shibarium would play host to “many amazing projects.” Per the tweet, respondents were to receive emails imminently in response to their submissions.

The Shiba Inu community continues to anticipate the Shibarium launch, with Kusama continuously hinting at a near launch of the beta version. He has cautioned users against buying anything used during the beta phase, as tokens and projects would only be for testing purposes.

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