SecondLive Celebrating First Anniversary by Rewarding Soulbound Tokens

  • There are six sorts  of rewards available as non-fungible and fungible tokens.
  • For those who are new to SecondLive, have a chance to win a unique NFT Cake.

As of August 6, SecondLive, the BNB Chain’s metaverse infrastructure project, had been operational for a full year. The site will reward its committed members with valuable Soulbound Tokens as a way of celebrating this achievement. 

Different Categories of Rewards

SecondLive offers fungible and non-fungible tokens for six different categories of community awards. It is possible to get the VP Badge in the first activity by buying NFT Space, Pets, or Badges from the SecondLive marketplace. And will provide a unique Community Contributor NFT badge in the second activity. The third activity will award a special Community Activist NFT badge to participants who participate the most in the official Telegram and Discord groups.

 For those who are new to the SecondLive ecosystem, there is a chance to win a unique NFT Cake. 300 lucky winners will be selected at random from among the users who finish a few tasks.  The fifth activity offers the opportunity to win 1,000 $LIVE by staking just $10 BEANS. There is only a spot for one lucky winner. And the last activity allows participants to share any SecondLive-related events and join a fortunate draw once to earn $BEAN rewards. 

The SecondLive Metaverse attracted attention when well-known rapper Quavo made his Metaverse debut in the SecondLive virtual stadium in April . In June, SecondLive also made available the Creator Editing tool, which enables users to build Avatars and Spaces, two essential components of the Metaverse.