Ripple vs SEC Case Ruling to be Produced Any Moment From Now – Says Attorney John E. Deaton

The long-standing Ripple vs SEC legal dispute is reaching its conclusion as a ruling is anticipated in the near future. John Deaton, a vocal supporter of the XRP cryptocurrency and a representative for XRPArmy in court, has expressed confidence that Judge Torres will deliver a verdict imminently and without further delays.

Attorney John E. Deaton has provided his perspective on the timeline of the SEC lawsuit against Ripple in a series of tweets. Deaton suggests that the ruling on Daubert’s motions was a strong indication that a quick decision can be expected soon.

In the recent Daubert motion ruling, Judge Analisa Torres granted and denied partial motions from both Ripple and the SEC. This ruling seemingly eliminates the possibility of XRP holders purchasing tokens with an expectation of huge profits derived from Ripple’s efforts.

Three potential outcomes could arise from the ruling. The court could rule in favor of either the SEC or Ripple or in the least likely scenario, the lawsuit could be sent to trial. 

According to Deaton, the ruling could clarify the status of secondary sales of XRP, potentially resulting in a significant victory for Ripple if the judge opposes the SEC’s claims on this matter.