Ripple Moves 180 Million XRP for Payments

In this article, we will explore recent activities by Ripple involving the movement of a significant amount of XRP tokens. These transactions highlight Ripple’s ongoing efforts to streamline its payment solutions and offer insights into how the company continues to innovate in the blockchain space.


Ripple’s Recent XRP Transactions

Blockchain company Ripple has recently made headlines with the transfer of 180 million XRP, valued at approximately $94 million. These transactions, completed within a span of ten minutes, saw Ripple transferring 80 million XRP and receiving 100 million XRP from another address. While the exact purpose of these transfers has not been publicly disclosed, it is believed that they are part of Ripple’s strategy to enhance its On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) services.

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In a move to better serve its institutional clients, Ripple has shifted its sales model. The company has moved away from its previous method of selling XRP under specific contracts to a new model that supports instant and cost-effective liquidity for cross-border payments. This change, which was implemented before a significant court ruling in July 2023, aims to provide more flexibility and efficiency in utilizing XRP for international transactions.

The significance of these transfers is further underscored by Ripple’s recent communication regarding its sales model. The company’s decision to alter how it engages with institutional clients suggests a strategic approach to leveraging XRP for facilitating seamless payment flows.

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Ripple and ODL Clients

The recent transfers are believed to be connected to Ripple’s ODL services, targeting sales to institutional customers who utilize XRP for liquidity in real-time transactions. The addresses involved in these movements have previously engaged in large-scale XRP transactions, indicating a consistent pattern in Ripple’s operations.

One of the addresses, activated only in October 2023, currently holds a balance of 124.5 million XRP. This suggests that the address is poised for future transactions, potentially involving further ODL activities. Despite these significant transfers, the impact on XRP’s market price has been minimal, with the cryptocurrency maintaining its value above the $0.50 mark.


Ripple’s recent activities, involving the transfer of substantial amounts of XRP, reflect the company’s commitment to refining its payment solutions. By adapting its sales model and engaging in strategic transactions, Ripple is positioning itself to better serve its clients and strengthen the utility of XRP in the global financial ecosystem.

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