Ripple discloses exposure to SVB; not caused business operations disruption

While the future of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is still being decided, another crypto player has declared exposure to the failed bank. And, this time around the firm in the headlines is Ripple – a popular blockchain-based digital payment network. In a Twitter thread, CEO Brad Garlinghouse stated that the company had exposure to SBV.

The CEO stated that the firm had held some cash balances in SBV as it was its banking partner. But, he did not disclose the amount held in the bank. Nonetheless, Garlinghouse assured that the bank’s collapse has not caused any disruption to its day-to-day business operations. Additionally, he stated that a “majority of our USD w/ a broader network of bank partners.”

Furthermore, Garlinghouse accepted that SVB’s future was “still unknown” but hopes to get more details on the situation soon. Ripple’s head also assured that the company’s financial position was “strong”. He added,

“It’s ironic that so much of what’s happening (as some companies scramble to make payroll) highlights how broken our financial systems still are – i.e. wires are still not 24/7/365, rumors lead to collapse and the frictions of moving money within a deeply fragmented system.”

The story is still developing.