Ripple CTO Tweet Leaves Some Puzzled, Attracts Reaction From Hoskinson

Community members searching for deeper meanings draw links to liquidity pools.

Ripple Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz has created a buzz on Twitter. It comes as the Ripple executive and XRP Ledger builder shared a joke about peeing in a pool in a tweet yesterday.

“I was told that you can pee in a pool full of people and as long as nobody is very close to you, nobody will know that you did it,” Schwartz wrote. “Now I realize this is only true if you are in the pool.”

Unsurprisingly, the hilarious tweet has attracted a flurry of responses from the XRP and the broader crypto community. Several users have expressed that the Ripple executive’s tweet may hold a deeper meaning. Consequently, some have attempted to draw links to liquidity pools. However, no such connections are immediately apparent.

It is worth noting that developers are testing a native automated market maker (AMM) for the XRP Ledger, as previously reported. Schwartz has asserted that the AMM will offer unique benefits, like allowing users to provide single-side liquidity.

Meanwhile, others appreciating the joke and seeing no deeper meaning have opted to share personal experiences and memes in response.

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Amidst all of these, it is worth noting that the tweet has received praise from an unusual suspect, as Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson hailed it as the best tweet of the day.

It bears mentioning that Hoskinson has a rocky relationship with the XRP community. Notably, in the past, his comments on the ties between U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission officials and Ethereum and his statements on a rumored Ripple settlement date put him at odds with the community. 

Last December, Hoskinson asserted that he would no longer comment on anything XRP-related, describing the community as toxic and petty. In addition, he disclosed that he could afford to cut off relations with the community as XRP offered no partnership opportunity or technical value.

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