Polygon And Uniglo.io Looking Good Despite Market Turmoil

If you’ve made big losses in the current crypto market—you’re not alone. News of FTX’s demise sent shockwaves throughout the industry, causing a ripple effect that sent prices downwards in a big way. It might take some time for overall confidence to return to crypto: but it will return one day.

And even before it does, there are still crypto projects that have performed well. Tokens like Polygon and Uniglo have firm futures and have managed to perform much better than the rest of the market. Especially Uniglo, which will soon officially launch from pre-sale and carry out an unprecedented burn event. Here’s why it’s highly recommended by experts like Jim Crypto:

Uniglo (GLO) thrives despite market turmoil

GLO already looks incredibly good for the future of crypto and is up considerably during its highly successful pre-sale period. Pre-sale is nearly over, and existing investors are gearing up for even more gains. Especially when the platform carries out a revolutionary mega-burn event upon launch, destroying all leftover tokens from pre-sale. This will eradicate a vast amount of supply in an instant and set the price potential for GLO even higher. Alongside an ongoing dual-burn mechanic and a diversified store of value that’s protected against major market dips, investors in GLO are ready for steady growth when it launches in just a few days.

Polygon (MATIC) still has a strong future

Some experts argue that MATIC is a safe place to keep your crypto investments that is resistant to the market struggles FTX has caused. That could be why its price has rebounded strongly in the last few days, showing solid potential for the future. And with new metaverse updates planned, MATIC looks set to take the next step towards becoming part of the next generation of the blockchain world.


If you want crypto tokens that can thrive despite overall market conditions, pick GLO and MATIC. They could both help your bear market portfolios flourish even when other cryptos are struggling. Especially GLO, which could be gearing up for the moon very soon.

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