Oryen Network Topping List Of Best Cryptos


Now that the crypto revolution is gaining traction in the mainstream market, ORY is expected to launch very soon. According to crypto analysts, ORY, BNB, and Ripple are hot cryptocurrency projects worth the investors’ wallets. ORY delivers outstanding performance and sweet rewards for those who see the potential and adopt it in its early phases.

Moreover, ORY’s rise continues in presale 8, as the price increase hits the 400% mark and continues to rise as it nears its launch date. It will auto-airdrop to ICO holders’ wallets with no vesting rights applied. As a result, all presale holders enjoy an equal share of gains.


Oryen introduces innovation into the passive income stage through auto staking, taking the industry by storm. The Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) guarantees 90% annual returns or a daily rate of 0,177% auto compounded hourly. The benefits of OAT are twofold: investors are relieved of staking contracts and have access to short-term daily gains.

ORY has received accolades from crypto enthusiasts, including Jim Crypto and Darryl Boo. ORY also receives positive sentiments from the Reddit community, who consider it the best presale coin ever.

ORY cushions funds against harsh market conditions by creating a liquidity pool. ORY maintains transparency and framework security through the SolidProof audit.

Binance Coin (BNB)

The utility token of the Binance ecosystem, BNB offers users low transaction fees to facilitate trading services. Through its BNB vault, you can earn passive income by holding or trading your tokens on the Binance exchange platform. Like ORY, BNB accords opportunities to gain by holding and staking the asset though ORY’s is more user-friendly.


Ripple network allows banks and other financial institutions to send cross-border payments worldwide through end-to-end tracking. Ripple runs on its popular cryptocurrency XRP. It is a money transfer network that serves the need to move funds between different currencies and banks, including traditional fiat currencies like US dollars and Japanese Yen. XRP has no intrinsic value. It is only a medium of exchange on Ripple’s distributed ledger system. Users who hold XRP can use them to pay for goods or services from Ripple or any other Ripple partner.


Should you invest in it right now? All these three cryptocurrencies deliver promising performance, but if you’re willing to be part of an exciting project with a bright future and juicy returns on your investment, ORY is what you need.

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