Oryen Network Predicted To Be Ahead of PancakeSwap and Lido DAO In Terms of Staking Rewards

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Oryen, a cryptocurrency project still in its ICO, has already achieved prominence among 2022’s top cryptocurrencies and altcoins 2022. It is because staking on this platform is much less complicated than alternatives like PancakeSwap and Lido DAO.

Oryen (ORY)

Thanks to Oryen’s Autostaking Method, cryptocurrency holders can have their tokens automatically staked and earn a guaranteed 90% APY at a daily ROI of 0.177%, with payouts occurring hourly and sent directly to their wallets (OAT).

The Oryen platform makes it possible for anyone, regardless of technical skill, to profit from cryptocurrency through its automated staking and compounding functions. In addition, a tax mechanism that moves money to a wallet with Risk-Free Value (RFV) is also built into the platform to reduce the potential for a crash in ORY during times of high volatility.

This new DeFi project running on the Binance Smart chain has received a lot of positive feedback from prominent crypto industry commentators like Jim Crypto and Darryl Boo due to its advantages over complex traditional staking systems.

However, there is no vesting; it will be airdropped to holders’ wallets upon launch and sold for $0.35, so all ICO investors will have a fair shot at securing the presale gains.

Lido DAO

As Ethereum shifted from proof of work to proof of stake, Lido became more prominent. Through this hard fork, validators took the stance of ETH miners. Lido enables users to stake ETH. When you stake with Lido, you’ll get ETH coins. On the other hand, ORY has no comparison regarding its unique staking system.


Pancakeswap, a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange built on BNB Smart Chain, has the highest trading volumes on the market. Farmers and poolers are just two examples of the passive income opportunities available to Pancakeswap users. CAKE has much potential for passive income, but it requires much more effort than simply buying and holding ORY.


Oryen is set to dominate DeFi staking because it makes it easy for users to earn passive income with its OAT. All they have to do is buy the token, hold it, and wait for the returns. The best feature of staking makes it unique and gives its owners the soft edge to rest and earn.

To get more information:

Join Presale: https://presale.oryennetwork.io/register

Website: https://oryennetwork.io/


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Source: https://insidebitcoins.com/news/oryen-network-predicted-to-be-ahead-of-pancakeswap-and-lido-dao-in-terms-of-staking-rewards