NFT project Age of Z launches 3D NFT raffle for AOZ holders

Eccentric NFT project Age of Z, which is designed to commemorate the aesthetics of so-called “Generation Z”, introduced a 3D NFT raffle for AOZ holders. Ten 3D AOZ NFTs have been created to reward enthusiasts of the project. The event will take place from April 1 to April 30.

Anyone who holds an AOZ NFT will have a chance to win 3D AOZs. The number of raffle tickets allocated to each user will depend on the rarity of the AOZ NFTs being held(from N level to SSR level) and how long the NFT is held for. For example, users who hold an SSR level AOZ throughout the whole raffle period will receive 8 raffle tickets. If it is held for half the period, the holder will receive 4 tickets.

A higher ticket number offers higher winning chances from the lucky draw. AOZ will audit the tickets held by each participant during the raffle period and randomly choose addresses to accept the exclusive NFTs at the end of the raffle.

About AOZ

The Age-of-Z citizens are 1993 hand-drawn unique and futuristic characters dedicated to building a self-sufficient, automated, and harmonious world in which innovative and collaborative systems are promoted to defend privacy. Freedom, punk, and peace are spirits we need to bring our vision of an inclusive and decentralized world to life.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.