New Poll Shows Many Terra Classic Members Don’t Believe LUNC Will Hit $1 By 2043

Many Terra Classic community members do not believe LUNC will hit $1 in 20 years.

Despite the ongoing efforts to revive the value of Terra Classic (LUNC), some community members do not think the token will hit $1 in the next 20 years. 

The opinion of these Terra Classic community members was captured in a recent Twitter poll created by a crypto influencer Asobs to determine whether the community believes LUNC could hit $1 by 2043. 

According to the final result, the poll attracted a total of 412 votes, out of which 31.6%, representing 130 participants, believe the crypto asset will not reach the $1 mark in the next 20 years. However, 68.4%, representing 282 respondents, believe the value of LUNC will hit the $1 target within the specified period. 

Reacting to the poll result, Asobs expressed surprise that over 31% of participants do not see LUNC reaching the $1 mark in the next two decades. To revive the community’s hope in the Terra Classic project, Asobs asserted that LUNC could hit the $1 mark even before 20 years. 

The poll suggests that many community members are gradually losing hope in the project despite the ongoing efforts made by different independent development groups, including TerraCVita, to revive the value of LUNC.  

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Following the collapse of the Terra Classic ecosystem, the community opted to burn a portion of the crypto asset’s supply to boost the token’s price. People were urged to send some LUNC tokens to a dead wallet voluntarily. Furthermore, the community voted in support of proposals to implement a tax burn for all LUNC on-chain transactions. 

Other crypto-related projects, including Binance, have contributed majorly to the community’s ongoing burn campaign. According to data from LunaBurnTracker, a platform that tracks LUNC burns, a total of 38.92B tokens have been incinerated from the supply via the numerous burn campaigns. Despite the massive incineration, the price of LUNC is still relatively low. At the time of writing, LUNC is changing hands at $0.00016673. 

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