Mullvad VPN is no longer accepting new subscriptions

Privacy-focused company Mullvad VPN does not intend to continue with new subscriptions. From now on, services can only be purchased in a single package.

Subscriptions option eliminated by Mullvad VPN

Swedish privacy-protection provider Mullvad VPN used to base its business on subscriptions versus services, but an approach consistent with its business has provided it with the right motivation for a change in strategy. 

While the subscription system offers constant and deferred revenue that is more commercially effective, it also exposes the user to privacy risk because regardless of the level of security offered, even if it is the highest, cyclical exposure of payment data exposes the user to the risk of tracking sensitive data on the Web. 

With this in mind, the Swedish company decided to deprive itself of the possibility of offering targeted subscriptions to its user base by opting for fixed spot subscriptions. Even if less attractive, they guarantee total security for the customer.

The choice would seem to lead to commercial hara-kiri, but if one looks at it from the perspective of the mission, which is to offer web security to users and their data, it is the best choice and puts them on an elite level that no other security company holds.

In the official statement let out by Mullvad it is explained how the no-log policy is the only beacon, not profit, not convenience, but effectiveness.

By effectively enforcing the no-long policy, no data regarding PayPal or the credit cards used to meet service fees are recorded.

“Subscriptions offer great convenience, but as we have seen, there is a cost to pay. We think it is no longer an acceptable compromise. We care a lot about usability, but when you have to make a choice, privacy must win”. 

This is what the company has determined. 

The new solutions offered by the company

It will be possible to subscribe to the Virtual Private Network on a one-time basis either by classic payment methods, such as credit and debit cards or bank transfer, but also via PayPal, Bitcoin or other crypto. 

Existing subscriptions that expire will not be renewed, and it will only be possible to renew them with one-time payments precisely in the interests of customer protection and corporate credibility. 

At a time when the Virtual Private Network market seems poised to explode, Mullvad VPN is putting all its eggs in the efficacy and quality of service, perhaps hurting income, but certainly gaining in credibility.