Meta Masters Guild Raises More Than $600,000 — Presale Ends Soon!

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In the past several years, “play-to-earn” (P2E) games have exploded in popularity. These games make it possible for users to have fun and earn cryptocurrency at the same time. 

One nagging issue, however, remains with these sites: users are more concerned with mining for the cryptocurrency than they are with really enjoying the game. Therefore, users flock to these sites, only to leave once they’ve amassed enough money or become weary of the game.

Meta Master Guild is one initiative working to alter this. In an effort to address the problems plaguing Play to Earn games, the platform promotes itself as the very first mobile-centered gaming organization to use the play-and-earn business model.

Already in 2023, almost $600,000 has been raised in the second round of the Meta Masters Guild presale, with the token price having risen to $0.01. The presale consists of seven stages, with the ultimate price set at $0.023.

Meta Masters Guild’s ultimate goal is to become the go-to app store for play-to-win mobile gamers and programmers. By making investments with their cryptocurrency wallets online, members of the public may become vital contributors to that goal. This is not a pipe dream; a racing game named Meta Kart is already far along in the development process.

Meta Masters Guild’s $MEMAG coin might finish stage two of its presale very soon so there is no time to waste if you want to monetize at a discounted rate.

More on Meta Master Guild

As far as we know, Meta Masters Guild is the first Web3 mobile gaming initiative in the world. The goal of the platform is to build entertaining blockchain-integrated mobile games that reward users with cryptocurrency. 

This is part of Meta Masters Guild’s plan to change the game’s emphasis from its rewards system to its replay value. The group plans to do this by making fast-paced games that need less time and money to develop.

There are presently three games in development on the platform: Meta Masters World, Meta Kart Racers and Raid NFT. The release of all three games is planned for this year, although the one with the most progress toward completion is Meta Kart Racers. Choose a racer and a kart, and then pit your skills against those of other users.

It’s up to the user to select from a wide variety of racing courses. The game also features a solitary mode called Arcade Mode. While Raid NFTs aims to be a fantasy action game, the accessible Metaverse of the ecosystem will be represented by Meta Master Guild, which will contain a full marketplace where users may purchase and sell virtual items. 

Furthermore, the group encourages other studios and game creators to join the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem and produce their own games. The MEMAG token, an ERC-20 token, is the native cryptocurrency of the platform. However, gamers receive Gem tokens instead of cash when they win. As they progress through the platform’s many games, users earn Gems to use in purchasing premium features. 

Additionally, gems may be spent to buy game items such as character levels and a variety of enhancements. In addition to staking, users have a wide variety of options for reinvesting their Gems. They may also convert their Gems into MEMAG tokens and then use those tokens to buy fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies.

It’s not just through the platform’s main games that players may earn NFTs, though. Additionally, the Meta Masters Guild shop offers NFTs for purchase by its users. Staking Gems, MEMAGs, or NFTs is another way for players to earn an additional stream of money.

Moreover, the platform’s smart contracts have been audited by SolidProof, and the members of its team have been KYC-verified by CoinSniper. We can now be certain that you won’t be the victim of a scam.

Meta Masters Guild CEO Shares Excitement on Projects’ Acceptance

Unlike companies like Axie Infinity, Meta Masters Guild develops games that people want to play. At Meta Masters Guild, the team places a lot of importance on a play-and-earn mentality that actively avoids the monotony of typical P2E games.

As an added bonus above traditional gaming, its decentralized network gives users the freedom to control and profit from their virtual possessions. Creating games which fans can get benefit from and return to the platform for more is the team’s top priority.

Innovative functions of the platform, such as NFTs and staking, will be highlighted in upcoming releases for the users. Meta Masters Guild CEO Gabriel Hristov expressed delight at the meteoric rise of the presale.

The group’s goal is to produce enjoyable, playable, and financially viable Play to Earn games for Web3 mobile platforms. They’re thrilled to join the expanding MEMAG community at this pivotal juncture in the ecosystem’s development.

More Games in the Pipeline

Playing Meta Kart, which is available for free and has several play-and-earn elements built into it, is among the most famous games on this groundbreaking Play to Earn platform. Users may pick their preferred racers and karts before competing on any of the game’s numerous exciting courses.

Users may play against the computer when they select the arcade mode, or they can compete against other players in “player against player” matches. The drivers and karts in the Meta Masters Guild Store may be purchased and upgraded with either MEMAG tokens or Gems. 

In arcade mode, players may compete for unique NFTs by playing games. Once acquired, Meta Masters Guild NFTs are 3D-rendered selectable figures within the game.

Meta Masters Guild is also developing two more games, both of which are still in the idea phase. Gamearound’s Meta Masters World is a mobile game that has a construct, discover, and dominate gameplay loop. 

The NFT Store is where players may either purchase or win land and playable characters. While players won’t have to pay anything to jump into Meta Masters World, the game will provide a number of ways to gain in-game currency through play. 

Those interested in putting in some time for some pay might do so by exploring Meta Masters World and completing its many tasks. In addition, they may acquire land and use it to increase their NFTs by constructing one of several different types of structures.

Information on yet another game, Raid NFT, which is still in the brainstorming phase but has a working title, will be released at a later time.


They have a well-thought-out plan and a committed staff at Meta Master Guild. In addition, the market has contributed substantially to its status as one of the year’s most sought-after projects. This high-utility gaming cryptocurrency has the potential to return at least 10 times the initial money, and now is the time to buy.

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