Meta Hero Project Brings New, Customizable NFTs and Real-World Applications to the Aftermath Islands Metaverse

As the first program to launch under the all-new Creator Meta Labs label, Meta Hero Project brings advanced NFT customization, unique capabilities, and digital identity features to users in Aftermath Islands’ virtual worlds

Innovation, limited-edition NFTs, immersive content, high entertainment value, and realistic play-to-earn capabilities are some of the most important drivers of user engagement and success for any Metaverse platform today. As part of its relentless focus on user experiences and the expansion of in-game assets and NFTs that can be used across compatible platforms and virtual worlds, Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited, a Barbados-based corporation, has released the Meta Hero Project. This is the first project to be developed under the Creator Meta Labs program – a new Aftermath Islands initiative aimed at improving and expanding Aftermath Islands’ offerings and bringing new and exciting assets, collectibles, resources, and other items to Aftermath Islands’ open virtual worlds.

With the release of the Meta Hero Project, users can now adopt unique avatars from a limited edition set of customizable and realistic 3D avatar options built around an exhilarating storyline involving the discovery of the Meta V Particle that endows users with superhero capabilities. Every avatar can be imprinted with the user’s facial features, skin tone, and body type, and they can also be outfitted with a range of skills, powers, and capabilities. In this way, each unique combination provides users and players within the Aftermath Islands Metaverse with innovative and exciting new ways to interact with their environment and other players.

All of these capabilities – which are built into each Meta Hero avatar – function seamlessly within Aftermath Islands’ many virtual worlds and all future compatible worlds and platforms since Meta Hero Project’s technical avatar- and NFT-generating IP has been carefully integrated into the Aftermath Islands Metaverse.

According to recent estimates, the global digital human avatar market was valued at over $10 billion in 2020. This figure is expected to grow annually by double digits through 2030, by which time the market will be valued at over half a trillion dollars.

This growth can be attributed to the growing interest in the Metaverse as well as the expansion of Metaverse-based offerings by large enterprises and indie developers. However, the value-added benefits of the rapidly maturing NFT and digital identity sectors should not be overlooked and should also be recognized as drivers of this growth, since Aftermath Islands brings real-world identification solutions such as unique digital IDs, user privacy, data security, identity failsafes, password-less/biometric access, and other features to many of its NFTs, avatars, and other on-platform digital offerings.

According to project insiders, Meta Hero Project provides players with unique ways to express and personalize themselves in the virtual world but, using open standard interoperability, they can also transform those identities to other games, Metaverses, and digital platforms.

This means that with Meta Heroes, users can outfit themselves as “normal” characters, but they can also transform into superheroes while retaining their original identities. By connecting these avatars – digital representations in the Metaverse – to the real-world identities of players, Aftermath Islands is bridging the gap between the real and virtual worlds and is quickly expanding the set of opportunities that are available to both players as well as brands in the real world and virtual worlds.

The Meta Heroes NFT collection will initially be minted on the WAX Blockchain, which supports fast, low-cost e-commerce transactions and is the recognized leader in NFT trade and transfer. This will ensure that players and traders enjoy seamless, performant experiences when buying or selling NFTs and participating in trade with other players or brands.

Creator Meta Labs will continue working on other projects and collaborating with renowned designers and creators to launch new NFT collections for Aftermath Islands Metaverse and other compatible virtual platforms. This includes the creation of new kits, body armor, and other wearables, as well as morphing and evolution capabilities for specific items and traits.Since the technical IP of the Meta Hero Project can be used to create a vast array of in-game items and NFTs of every conceivable kind that players can use and trade with others within Aftermath Islands and other compatible blockchain-based gaming and virtual experience platforms, we expect to see new, innovative, and exciting NFTs, capabilities, customizations, and opportunities opening up for gamers, enthusiasts, and casual users from all around the world within Aftermath Islands.

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