Meet Alóki, the Ambitious Farming Metaverse Backed by the Play-to…

The world is gradually heading towards sustainability in its development and energy efficiency, doing away with the cannibalistic and mercantile model of excessive consumption. Such developments in society and the global economy are being spurred by the growing integration of Web3 technologies that are giving people a glimpse into what life could be like in a digitally-enhanced future.

Projects like Alóki are pioneering the advance into sustainable development by combining conservation with digitization. The all-star team of developers is transforming the innovative Play-To-Earn concept into Play-To-Own, inviting players to become the owners of their plots of land in the jungles of Costa Rica – a manifestation of natural splendor and untold opportunities for both personal and business development.

The term “Alóki” in the Bribri language means “ray of light” or “sunbeam”, and the Alóki Sanctuary is a perfect representation of such a place in our turbulent world – over 750 acres of paradise set in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle. The staggering diversity of wildlife and plants that span across the breathtaking landscape dotted with scenic waterfalls and relics of bygone civilizations make the Alóki Sanctuary a haven for anyone seeking to support environmentally friendly initiatives. 

The Alóki project selected the spot thanks to Costa Rica’s stance on environmental issues, considering that over 27% of the country consists of protected reserves and national parks. Costa Rica is determined to become the ‘biological corridor’ it is dubbed by many, deriving 98% of its energy from renewable sources.

The vision of the Alóki Sanctuary is to create a metaverse-based parallel digital version of the wildlife reserve while maintaining the actual spot of land – a fact proven by the project’s efforts that have already seen the planting of over 11,000 trees. The project aims to erect communal buildings on the plot for housing coworking areas for those seeking to retreat from the city bustle, while offering social spaces, such as a cafetería and pool, alongside other activities, including yoga and meditation.

The innovative Play-to-Own model applied in the Alóki project will allow users to actually own NFT-tethered plots of land in the Sanctuary they sponsor and engage in numerous activities and events focusing on environmental initiatives that will yield rewards. The blockchain basis serves as the perfect venue for such a project, propelling it into Web3 space, thus giving users a chance to see how the merger of the real and digital worlds can manifest in a more progressive view of a sustainable future.

Alóki is run by a team of experts in their respective fields, who have come together to turn digital futurism into reality. Among them are Bartek Lechowski, ex-CMO and Board Member at IKEA, Benjamin Saxe – the world’s best sustainable architect, and Martyna Lipińska – gamedev of such top titles as Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077.

At a time when humankind is beginning to realize its true dependence on nature, the Alóki project offers the attractive option of partaking in its many features. It is projects like Alóki that are establishing a viable bond between a sustainable world focused on conservation, and Web3, which aims to unleash the true power of digitization in economic and social scenarios.

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