Make Your Gaming Count: Get Paid for Your Skills with RankerDAO

The world of gaming is in the midst of a revolutionary turn as NFT based games are gaining more popularity. RankerDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, joins hands with the gaming community to bring the future of gaming to life.

By participating in NFT-based games such as Axie Infinity, players can earn SLPs, an in-game currency. According to CoinGecko, the average player earns between 200-300$ a month playing games.

Rankeer Dao offers an opportunity for its scholars to earn up to 1000% ROI in less than a month.

Other exciting P2E games offered by RankerDAO include The Harvest, a thrilling third-person shooter game, Apeiron, a Roguelike, Action-RPG game, and Anito Legends, a multi-platform strategic auto-battler game. These games allow players to generate revenue via NFTs by playing and winning, unlocking their full earning potential in the crypto gaming space.

However, the initial investment required to participate in these P2E games can be substantial. But with RankerDAO, members can eliminate this barrier by becoming part of a community that collaborates and strategizes together, accessing an inventory of 1000+ guild NFTs.

At Ranker Dao we believe that crypto gaming will become a full-time job, with the potential to earn through DAO-exclusive 1v1 sessions, NFTs, cross-guild tournaments, coaching sessions, and more.

RankerDAO Gaming Badge is the gateway to this opportunity in P2E gaming, providing its holders with more fun, games, and tournaments. RankerDAO is committed to helping members level up and sharpen their gaming skills, providing next-generation tutorials designed specifically for P2E games.

To mint a RankerDAO Badge, members simply need to

Step 1: Setup Wallet
Step 2: Buy $Ranker
Step 3: Visit RankerDAO Mint page
Step 4: Click ‘Mint’

RankerDAO is committed to empowering its community and providing its members with the full benefits of their membership through innovative concepts in the emerging GameFi and SocialFi ecosystem.

With over 1500 members already part of the community, RankerDAO is making waves in the crypto gaming space with only an ever-optimistic outlook for the future.

If you need any assistance please join our Discord server and our team will be happy to help.

About RankerDAO

RankerDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that enables the collective community of crypto adopters to gain access to the biggest trend of blockchain-based activities from various verticals.

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