Ledger wallet along with RTFKT

Ledger wallet and luxury brand RTFKT announced a capsule collection at the NFT Paris: an educational collaboration to bring self-care to the masses.

Ledger wallet in partnership with RTFKT to launch capsule collection

During the NFT event in Paris, Ledger wallet and the leader in digital fashion and on-chain digital artifacts, RTFKT, announced their collaboration and new collection.

In essence, the partnership began with a physical release through a custom all-white edition of Ledger Nano S and Nano X, available for purchase as NFT and redeemable for the physical item.

Ledger wallet and RTFKT are also launching a third physical expression of their collaboration dedicated to RTFKT and Ledger Genesis holders and that is access to a limited edition Nano-case accessory. This is a super rare silver pendant with the RTFKT logo on the end caps, which will come with a Nano X.

Ledger wallet and the educational component of the partnership with RTFKT

The relationship of the two brands extends far beyond physical and virtual products for collectors, incorporating an educational component.

With their opening speech at the NFT Paris event, Ledger and RTFKT emphasize the importance of knowledge when entering the Web space3.

And indeed, with a high caliber of dedicated collectors, RTFKT decided to provide a safe and secure solution for its fans.

Joining Ledger, which is the leader in Web3 security, RTFKT is pushing luxury into its next iteration, providing an example of uncompromising innovation.

In this regard, RTFKT founder Benoit Pagotto said:

“We are doubling down on education so everyone understands how to safely secure their critical digital assets. We’re super proud to continue our collaboration with Ledger and to push it to the next level with these products, allowing everyone to get into digital collectibles safely and in RTFKT style.”


Virtually every item in the RTFKT Collection sold on Ledger Market is accompanied by RTFKT’s creative approach to education, which explains how to create a Cold Wallet and how to use it to safely navigate the Web3 space. 

As their partnership continues, RTFKT will bring new and exciting highly curated niche items to the Ledger Marketplace, establishing the platform as a prime destination for innovative and high-end digital collectibles.

Hence, there are more future collaborations in the pipeline, accompanying the RTFKT Quests to items on the Ledger Marketplace, so as to bring education to the masses, demonstrating both the physical and digital aspects of the evergreen partnership and emphasizing the role of hardware in security.

Growing need for hardware wallets in the US

Recently, research by ResearchAndMarkets.com stated that there will be an increase in the need for hardware wallets in the US for years to come. This is a growth forecast with a CAGR of 26.5% over the next few years.

The cause is increased awareness regarding security, especially for proper practices of storing secret keys and then safely storing them in self-custody.

Indeed, what Ledger does and prides itself on is precisely to provide a self-custody solution through its hardware wallets, which precisely makes sure that no one but the wallet owner knows the private key and the seed of his/her wallet. 

The company’s best-selling product is the Ledger Nano S Plus, although it is not the company’s flagship product.

In fact, it is the cheapest hardware wallet that supports more than 5,000 tokens and crypto assets on different blockchains, allows staking and also supports NFTs. Not only that, the Ledger Nano S Plus is also connected to an exchange that enables buying and selling.

The increase in volumes after the collapse of FTX

Back in November, Ledger had experienced some problems due to massive outflows from the collapsed crypto-exchange FTX. 

In fact, the company had announced that it was experiencing disproportionate utilization of its platforms and was addressing scalability issues.

In essence, exchange users were driven by the “fear” of seeing their crypto-assets blocked and were turning en masse to the hardware wallet leader.

Not only that, Ledger also witnessed particularly high volumes of traffic after the failure of Celsius and after the Solana hack. 

Founded in Paris in 2014, Ledger is a global platform for digital assets and Web3. With more than 5 million devices sold to consumers in 200 countries and more than 10 languages, more than 100 financial institutions and brands as customers, 20% of the world’s crypto assets are protected, in addition to services that support trading, buying, spending, earning and NFTs.

Source: https://en.cryptonomist.ch/2023/02/27/ledger-wallet-along-rtfkt/