Just In-Ripple Could Pay $250 Million to Settle the Lawsuit with the SEC-John Deaton

  • Ripple vs sec lawsuit has approached a crucial phase as the possibility of a settlement is hovering within the crypto space

  • Pro-XRP advocate John Deaton sheds light on the possibility of a settlement and believes that the company may offer millions to just shut down the case

The Ripple vs SEC lawsuit is becoming more fascinating every new day as the possibilities of the settlement are now fluttering within the space. Although Ripple CEO, Brad Gardlinghouse has stated that the company will not settle the case with the authority as they are confident to come out victorious. However, the XRP proponent and the representative of XRMArmy in the court, John Deaton believes that the blockchain company may pay millions of dollars to settle if required. 

John Deaton asserted that Ripple could pay $250 million to the SEC to settle the case. Answering a query on partial settlement raised by Digital Asset Investor, Deaton made a response seeing the future sales of XRP which may not be considered as securities. 

However, Deaton also made it clear that the SEC may certainly not agree to such a condition from Ripple in times when the authorities have wagged a war against the crypto space. Deaton also said the secondary sales of XRP have not been appealed and hence Judge Torres may provide more clarity on this. 

Deaton’s statement on settlement came out after the XRPArmy raised multiple queries and their eagerness to know whether both parties settle the case before Judge Torres produces the judgment. In the meantime, the XRP community anticipates the lawsuit to be in favor of the company. This could be a win situation for the company with the XRP being relisted in all the major exchanges and making it accessible for all the traders. 

Source: https://coinpedia.org/ripple/just-in-ripple-could-pay-250-million-to-settle-the-lawsuit-with-the-sec-john-deaton/