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The vast yet volatile crypto market requires you to catch and choose the right investment opportunity. As the industry is ready to gear up another rally, XRP and WERX have become the cryptos to watch. Technical analysis, price movements, and trends predict a potential breakout in the coming weeks.

EMA Suggests XRP’s Decisive Price Surge

The exponential Moving Average (EMA) is a technical indicator to understand market trends. Concerning the XRP’s 200-day EMA, the results revealed a potential bullish trend shortly. It also pointed to the recent low-volatile price moves preceding an imminent price swing.

Neutral indicators also supported this theory as the buying and selling prices remained close for some weeks. Analysts indicated that balanced volatility is the calm before the storm. Concerning the increased demand for crypto assets, a rocketing surge seems inevitable.

Uwerx (WERX): The Next-Generation Freelancing Platform

Uwerx is set to revolutionize the freelancing and cryptocurrency world simultaneously with some distinctive features. InterFi Network and SolidProof have already audited it, assuring optimum security measures for safe implementation.

A survey says that the USA alone will require nearly one million tech professionals by the end of 2030. However, traditional mainstream platforms still lack certain facilities and features. They charge high fees, too-tight security measures, and less support.

Concerning these drawbacks, Uwerx remains different, superior, and friendly to everyone. And its native crypto token, WERX, will protect intellectual property and assets. Uwerx promises to make freelancing a fun, pleasant, and exciting financial task.

That’s why WERX initiated a buzz among the crypto communities through its presales. Nearly all market analysts, clients, and enthusiasts recognized WERX’s potential. The current trends and movements further suggested an upcoming boom in its market price.

Continued growth of the WERX token is expected to reach $3 by the third quarter of 2023. CoinSniper’s listing of Uwerx allowed the platform to get more comprehensive arrays of potential users. Also, Uniswap should list Uwerx by August 01, 2023.

Join the Exploding Uwerx Presale Before It’s Too Late

The Uwerx presale now entered the 5th stage after completing the first and second stages in 17 and 8 days, respectively. It’ll incorporate lock-up liquidity of 25 years right before presales end to ensure its users’ secure and safe adoption.

Uwerx also plans to renounce contract ownership to increase transparency while reducing tax-related issues. But it will happen after Uwerx gets launched in centralized exchanges. The platform has already unveiled the Uwerx vault to let the users store WERX tokens for different periods.

Uwerx decided to conduct a test airdrop at the end of its presale, as 92.8% of users voted for this in a Twitter poll. The Uwerx team also defined the following changes for the five token allocations:

  1. Presale: An increase to 57% from 45% to renew confidence.
  2. Founding Team: A reduction to 7% from 8% to prioritize user benefits.
  3. Partnership incentives: A reduction to 3% from 7.5% after reviewing new information.
  4. User performance incentives: A decrease to 6.5% from 15%.
  5. Joining incentives: An increase to 6.5% from 4.5% to attract more users.

Currently, WERX costs $0.0315 per token with a 20% bonus on every purchase for new customers. Importantly, the hard-cap presale will close by July 31, 2023.

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