IMPT Presale Ends in 48 Hours

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The greenest cryptocurrency of 2022 is about to close its curtain on its presale – IMPT presale ends within 48 hours. So, if you haven’t yet bought it, better go to and invest in this presale.

On the official Discord Server, CEO Denis Creighton has added that the crypto exchanges have already started to line up for listing this crypto, with LBank, Changelly, and Uniswap, being the first ones.

All three exchanges will put this asset for sale on 14th December 2022. The devs have also said that seven more exchange listings have been planned.

IMPT Raises $17 Million in Less than Two Months

IMPT has become one of the best and biggest presale projects this year. So far, the token has raised more than $17 million – $17.3 million to be exact – and the community is still rushing to buy this sustaining crypto.

IMPT was introduced as a presale token back in early October and was priced at $0.018 in the initial phase. But soon, this token got traction from the larger crypto community, which ended with this token closing the first stage of its presale very early.

Removing the Exclusivity From Carbon Credits Trading

One of the biggest pain points when it comes to Carbon offsetting has been its exclusivity. Most small brands rarely get to participate, and the big brands that do often have to deal with fraudulent issues like double selling.

Furthermore, ordinary people don’t have access to this thriving economy.

IMPT aims to remove this issue by introducing a marketplace that onboards ESG brands and customers. Brands get to sell their eco-friendly products to customers, who, in turn, earn IMPT tokens while buying such products. Customers can then exchange the tokens for tokenized carbon credits that they can then sell back to the brands or retire.

This approach creates a bi-directional benefit for the brands and the customers – an aspect that has allowed IMPT to become such a big presale success.

IMPT Presale Ends in 48 Hours

IMPT was originally scheduled to end its presale in January, with the price of the later presale stage being $0.028. However, IMPT’s CEO came out on discord to say that in order to navigate the new market realities, IMPT would be coming early.

“The FTX crash has created unsettled the crypto market and made it more volatile,” – IMPT CEO posted in discord while providing his rationale behind launching this cryptocurrency early.

As a result, the remaining tokens of the current presale stage will be burned, and the ones of the last presale stage will be vested for two years. These measures ensure that the token’s scarcity increases, and so does its value.

The presale will end on 11th December 2022, which leaves investors with less than two days to invest in this cryptocurrency.

How to Buy IMPT?

Those who have already purchased IMPT will be able to claim their tokens from the official website on 12th December. Those who still want to must go to the official website – – connect their crypto wallets and swap IMPT tokens for ETH or USDT.

You can check out the full guide to buying the tokens here. 


IMPT is eco-friendly and aims to integrate making green decisions into our daily life. The success of the presale and the token’s utility has led investors to believe that it would become a 10x crypto by next year.

Since only a few days remain till the end of the presale. Stay close to insidebitcoin’s news posts to stay updated.

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